Books expanding consciousness: TOP-5 of the most famous

Books expanding consciousness can completely change your life. These are smart books about life that will help to expand their views on the world. If you want to think differently, just choose from our list of books changing life, at least 1. We offer a review of five books that change consciousness. 

Julia Cameron “The Way of the Artist”

Books expanding consciousness: TOP-5 of the most famous

“The Universe works miracles, supporting us. We are very sparingly accept her support: we look into the mouth to every gift horse and send it back. We say that we are afraid to fail, although the possibility of success is much more scared of us “.

How often did you leave your desires and set tasks just because you were afraid to take the first step? Promising to start playing sports for yourself, or finally improve your knowledge of foreign languages? This “disease” will not leave you alone until you reassure consciousness and give yourself the right to future falls and ups (it is in this order!). In the book that changes thinking, the “path of the artist” of Julia Cameron, you will see yourself – an artist who longs for a lot of life, but does not know which side to approach this;This is a person who is small steps, let it in the end will eventually come to achieve his goal. 

Michael Ray “Higher goal”

Books expanding consciousness: TOP-5 of the most famous

“Look at the people we are passing by. They look good. You can’t say that they are chained in a chain. But they all languish in their own prisons – prisons that they are building in their minds “.

How long have you looked inside yourself? Did you feel happily? Did you find your inner child? Either the working weekdays have already managed to eat all the colors of life and made you lose the meaning of life? 

Well, if the last question forces you to say “yes”, and the previous ones – “no”, then the book that changes its view of life, the “highest goal” of Michael Ray will help you understand yourself and analyze your life foundations. After all, it is very important to have time to find the meaning of life and save it to the very end, feeling happily and peaceful. 

Mark Williams and Denny Penman “awareness”

Books expanding consciousness: TOP-5 of the most famous

“It is impossible to take care of other people, without caring first of all about yourself, and it is impossible to truly love others while you scold yourself for not doing something enough”.

If you have long wanting to change yourself for the better, never get hung up on the slightest difficulties and begin to truly appreciate the past moments – this book that changes the worldview for you. Moreover, I will tell you a little secret, you have to deal not with external problems, but to look inside yourself. 

Chip Hiz and Dan Hiz “Traps of Thinking”

Books expanding consciousness: TOP-5 of the most famous

“When the researchers ask the elderly what they regret in life, they often hear regret not about what people did, but about what they did not do. They regret that they hesitated. They regret their indecision “.

You are afraid to make the wrong move? Feel in a trap of your developed imagination and intuition? Well, the book that changes life – “trap of thinking” suggests differently to look at its imperfect actions and start making deliberate decisions every day.

Ronda Bern “Secret”

Books expanding consciousness: TOP-5 of the most famous

“Nothing can prevent your images from embodied in reality, except for the same power that gave rise to them – yourself”.

It’s time to understand one truth: you are the creator of your life and your happiness. Many close their true potential, close in themselves and lose touch with the universe;They lose a wonderful opportunity to realize their dreams. 

In order to better understand this problem, and also stop being afraid to realize what you want, we advise you to read books expanding consciousness.

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