Facial cleaning at home: Stages, what means are needed

Facial cleaning at home is an ideal purification option when there is no time for salon procedures for salon procedures. Every day we wash yourself and wipe our face – this is a kind of purification. But, nevertheless, the sebaceous glands exude the fat secret that helps to protect our skin from harmful microorganisms. Nevertheless, it happens that due to certain circumstances, our skin begins to secrete this secret than necessary, and then we have black dots and comedones, from which if you do not get rid of it, you can get pimples.  It is for this that cosmetologists carry out different Types of face cleansing. If the visit to the specialist is postponed, you can clean the face of the house yourself. But the most important thing in carrying out such a procedure is safety, because to bring an infection With dirty hands very easy.

A good alternative to professional face cleansing is home peeling. When making superficial peels at home, you can reduce the number of mechanical facial cleaning procedures. But at the same time, before manual facial cleansing, it is good to do peeling, it will help to better open the pores and remove the accumulated dirt from the skin.

How to clean the face on your own at home

Let’s figure out how to clean the face at home correctly. The first, and most importantly, where to start is to disinfect your hands. First you need to wash them with soap, then apply a disinfector. After that we wash yourself and We smack the face napkins, wiping a towel. After that we wipe the face with a sponge with a tonic suitable skin type or chlorhexidine.

It’s no secret that before the face to clean – the pores need to be opened. We told how to steam your face before cleaning at home, making a steam bath. But this method gradually goes into the past, moreover, it shows that rashes after such a procedure occur more of10. To reveal the pores, it is best to use modern hydrogen gels, which today exist a large number of and in different volumes. After applying the gel to the skin, you need to cover your face with a baking film and wait ten minutes. After that, starting from the forehead, gradually opening parts of the face to clean.

Mechanical facial cleaning is done using special tools – uno tolls, but pressing acne with your fingers, and even more so nails, do not. If there is no such tool, you can take cotton pads. But then there is a risk of leaving traces, especially if the skin is sensitive. You need to press on both sides until the contents of the pores go out, after that you need to carefully disinfect this place with a tonic or chlorhexidine prepared in advance cotton sticks or sponge. So, gradually opening the film, we cleanse the whole face, first of all, squeezing out more visible comedones and black dots.

Facial cleaning at home: Stages, what means are needed

After you have completed the extrusion procedure, wipe the whole face again with a sponge with a toned or chlorhexidine with a sponge – additionally securing yourself, because now the time is open and any bacterium can get there and cause inflammation.

After mechanical cleaning of the face from acne, the pores must be closed. There are special generating masks for this. They include special bactericidal, soothing and helping the speedy healing of the components. Such a mask should be left for 15-20 minutes on the skin. After which it is washed off and again vaporize the face with paper towels. Next, we wipe the face again with a tonic or chlorhexidine. And, after that, after raining and disinfecting the hands, we apply a protective cream. This is where the effective procedure for cleansing the face is completed.

It is worth noting that conducting pores on the face in the presence of skin diseases, especially acne, poor disinfection or inappropriate conditions.  In addition, if you have a herpes, you are a cold, you have a temperature or critical days – you should also postpone a complex face cleansing.

And the most important thing that is worth paying attention to once again is disinfection during facial cleaning from sulfur dots and acne. Remember, one microbe with poorly washed hands will be enough for acne to appear on the face. And therefore, if there is an opportunity-after all, it is better to use peeling or slopes that will help to support the skin at that time while you can get to the cosmetologist.

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