Favorite diet – 7 days: why will you fall in love with unloading right away

In women’s forums and social networks, you can find a lot of recommendations on weight loss. Beloved diet appears there quite of10. According to reviews – this is a gentle method of quick weight loss. We will tell you what the essence of your favorite diet, who can lose weight on it, as well as about the prohibitions of such a meal, offer a diet menu for 7 days.

Favorite diet: how to eat to lose weight

Favorite diet – 7 days: why will you fall in love with unloading right away

Favorite diet is unloading meals, while each fasting day differs from the previous, first of all, a set of products. The principle of action is this: unloading the body, alternating products, you force it to rebuild, process nutrients at a different pace. 

On the diet of your beloved first, third and fifth days – drinking. It is allowed to drink not only water without gas, but also kefir, milk, freeshi, low -fat and unsweetened yogurts, feel free to cook lean vegetable broth.

The second day of the diet is your favorite – vegetable, while the advantage must be given to green vegetables, for example, white cabbage, broccoli, patch beans. The method of use is not important – you can eat both raw and after heat treatment (boiled, steamed).

The fourth day of your favorite diet is fruit. You can use any fruits, with the exception of very sweet, such as grapes and bananas. Sixth day – protein. Take your soul, and do not deny yourself in eggs, white chicken meat, fish, cottage cheese, legumes. Just do not overdo it with the volume of portions. The seventh day must be devoted to the exit from the diet.

According to reviews, on a beloved diet can really be thrown about 7 kg per week. Remember that the greater the initial weight, the more kilograms you will lose. Do not count that with a weight of 55 kg per week you will become another five more slimmer. 

Beloved diet for 7 days

Favorite diet – 7 days: why will you fall in love with unloading right away

First day: Drinking

  • Breakfast: Ryazhenka or kefir (200 ml) or tomato juice, sugar tea.
  • Dinner: chicken broth (200 ml) without salt.
  • Afternoon snack: milk 200 ml or yogurt without fillers (150 g).
  • Dinner: kefir or milk (200 ml).

Second day: vegetable

  • Breakfast: tomatoes (2 pcs.), tea without sugar.
  • Dinner: broccoli soup, cauliflower and potatoes, a salad of grated carrots or fresh cabbage with greens and cucumbers. You can add a little vegetable oil.
  • Afternoon snack: Cucumbers (2 pcs.) or a cucumber-beating salad with a spoonful of vegetable oil.
  • Dinner: stewed beets or salad of sweet pepper, herbs and cucumbers, tea without sugar.

Third day: drinking

  • Breakfast: kefir, unsweetened milk cocktail or orange juice (200 ml).
  • Dinner: beef or chicken broth without salt (150 g). 
  • Afternoon snack: milk or kefir (200 ml), peach juice.
  • Dinner: Ryazhenka or milk (200 g).

Favorite diet – 7 days: why will you fall in love with unloading right away

Fourth day: fruit

  • Breakfast: grapefruit or orange (2 pcs.), tea without sugar.
  • Dinner: apple or grapefruit, fruit assorted.
  • Afternoon snack: kiwi, orange, pear.
  • Dinner: grapefruit or a handful of berries (for example, raspberries or blueberries).

Fifth day: drinking

  • Breakfast: Ryazhenka or kefir (200 ml), sugar tea.
  • Dinner: beef or chicken broth without salt.
  • Afternoon snack: tomato juice or milk cocktail (200 ml).
  • Dinner: kefir or milk (200) ml.

Sixth day: protein

  • Breakfast: Death -fat cottage cheese (150 g) or 2 eggs without yolk, coffee.
  • Dinner: Baked fish (tiliapia, pike perch, pollock, cod) or boiled chicken (150 g), boiled green peas (100 g).
  • Afternoon snack: Little -fat cottage cheese (100 g) or 2 boiled eggs without yolk.
  • Dinner: Boiled chicken breast (100 g), hard cheese (50 g) or just 100 g of solid cheese.

Seventh day: 

  • Breakfast: Death -fat cottage cheese (150 g) or 2 boiled eggs.
  • Dinner: vegetable soup (200 g) or soup with rice or buckwheat.
  • Afternoon snack: Boiled egg, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes or fruits.

Favorite diet – 7 days: why will you fall in love with unloading right away

Professional nutritionists call such a diet stress For the body. If you decide to eat like that, then you need to be prepared for a deterioration. Remember that a significant decrease in calorie content or unbalanced nutrition can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases. 

To minimize the negative effect of a diet on the body, it is important to take multivitamins, you should not intensively train, So that instead of fat, the body does not “burn” muscle tissue. In order for the beloved diet to be effective, it is necessary to leave it correctly, otherwise the discarded kilograms to return to your storice body. And to preserve the result, you must adhere to a balanced diet for at least a couple of weeks, or better a month. 

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