How to quickly cure a drop once and for all

Failures on the lips, or corner heit – this is a disease accompanied by the formation of inflammation sites in one or both corners of the mouth. It causes an aesthetic defect, a slight tingling, and in some cases – pain.

The reasons for the appearance of a jamming infinitely many – from non -compliance with the elementary rules of hygiene to hypovitaminosis and a sign of diabetes mellitus. But if you are confident in a state of health, and an unpleasant disease still decided to bother you-the reason is most likely lying on the surface. In most cases, seizures appear due to damage to the integrity of the mucous membrane or infection, which fell on the lips through poorly washed cutlery. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with this phenomenon and you can cure it in a few days with the help of improvised means.

How to quickly cure a drop?

Since the seizures appear in the oral cavity, one of the most delicate places of our body, treatment methods must be selected very carefully. According to doctors, plant antibacterial agents are well suited for this.

The first proven method is to wipe the inflammation of tea tree oil. The use of this oil in medicine is based on a unique combination of antibacterial and antiviral properties with powerful immunostimulating and healing. Thanks to this, the product allows not only to cope with the infection, but also intensively restores the damaged epidermis. For a comprehensive antibacterial effect, when checking, you can also dilute tea tree oil with water and rinse the oral cavity. So you can speed up the recovery process.

How to quickly cure a drop once and for all

Another vegetable ingredient that helps to quickly get rid of the seizure – Aloe Vera juice. This component is rich in natural antioxidants – it contains vitamins B, C and E, with healing and antibacterial properties. The soft consistency of aloe softens the wounds in the corners of the lips, removing pain and accelerating healing. Aloe also increases the protective properties of the mucous membrane and skin, which helps to avoid repeated infection and the occurrence of the failure.

An equally effective option for the treatment of inflammation is an ointment made of fish oil and honey. To prepare it, a teaspoon of honey must be connected to the contents of one capsule of the pharmacy omega-3. The synthesis of these two components allows you to make an ointment rich in many healing and nutrient ingredients, absolutely safe for the mucous membrane. So, the honey contains healing and drying micro- and macro elements, such as zinc and iodine, as well as vitamins of group B, K, E and C. Fish oil, in turn, nourishes inflamed places, eliminates dryness, itching and thereby helps to fight the external manifestation of Heilite.

In the treatment of seizures, it is also important to establish a healthy diet and drink a lot of water.  With the right balance vitamins and trace elements Restorative processes are established in the body and all inflammations are healed much faster. It is also worth abandoning smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages during treatment.

How to prevent re -appearance?

Preventive measures will not only help to avoid discomfort that occurs when the seizures appear, but also help improve the general condition of the body.

To avoid the appearance of the seizure, it is worth carefully observing the rules of personal hygiene: do not touch the face and area of the lips with unwashed hands and do not use cutlery, which you are not sure of the cleanliness of. It is also very important to carefully select the means for caring for the oral cavity and regularly (at least once every six months) go to the dentist for professional hygienic brushing tooths.

Another important point: if your mucous membrane is prone to the appearance of a fuck, avoid using General cosmetics testers in stores and do not share your lipsticks even with your closest friends. In this case, the matter is not in doubt about the cleanliness, but that the microflora of each person is individual, and the mix of bacteria can lead to irritations and inflammations in the corners of the mouth.

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