How to remove edema from your face and look rested – useful tips

How to remove edema from your face if in the morning in the mirror you observe the screenwriter “View”. The eyes-eyes due to the swelling of the eyelids, the floating contour of the face can not only scare, but also spoil the mood for the whole day. The reason that the face overnight was “rustled”, there may be swelling. And then you begin to google “How to get rid of edema in 10 minutes “or” How to quickly remove edema from the eyes “. But we recommend using the best tips on how to remove swelling of the face in order to be fully armed in any situation. You will always look fresh and rested (even if you spent the whole night at a party), because it will not be difficult to remove swelling quickly.

 How to relieve swelling of the face – massage, facefitnes

How to remove edema from your face and look rested – useful tips

Facial fitness is good not only for prolonging youth, but also to prevent edema. If it so happened that the swelling still appeared, then the yoga for the face will only be able to partially help – the effect will be minimal, but growing.

However, it is not necessary to deal with Facewing, If you don’t like to train the muscles of the face or you are afraid to do it without a coach. Face massage You can remove swelling in a short period of time – “here and now”. Roller massagers will help get rid of edema on the face (Carly Closs, For example, prefers crystals Guasha, And Romi Streid is a metal roller), or you can use what is always with you – fingers.

There are enough several movements after waking up to disperse the stagnant liquid and remove the edema from the face. But remember that face massage should not be done “in dry”. Apply cream or cosmetic oil to the face to improve slipping-this will prevent skin stretching and the formation of wrinkles because of them.

Simple facial massage technique from swelling step by step

How to remove edema from the face:

  1. Find the points behind the jaw, where the lymph nodes are located and lightly massage the area with circular movements and smooth presses 5-10 times. Get down to the knuckles of your fingers below the neck and massage the collarbone to disperse the lymph.
  2. Put your finger with your finger “eight” around the contour of the eye. Make about 10-15 such movements, but do not press much.
  3. Fold the fingers of both palms and rise to the nose. With light movements, massage the skin in the direction of the center to the periphery.
  4. Go to your forehead: index fingers bent in the joint, smooth it from the interference to the temples.
  5. Massage the hair growth area around the face and again make the neck and clavicle.

After massage, it is enough to wash with cold water. At the end of the procedure, you will immediately notice the effect: the swelling will come down, the cheekbones will rise a little, and the wrinkles will become less noticeable.

Ice baths from edema under the eyes and on the face

How to remove edema from your face and look rested – useful tips

This is a favorite way to combat facial edema Kate Moss. The model has repeatedly said that the baths with ice ice help her in the morning to relieve swelling in the morning, refresh the skin and improve her complexion. The same procedure is often carried out by Cameron Diaz, Drew Burrymore and other stars. Such The secret of beauty and youth. And it really makes sense.

What is the effect of ice baths to remove edema? The fact is that ice and cold expand the blood vessels of the skin, which accelerates stagnant fluid. And this, in turn, facilitates edema and gives an instant effect. And most importantly-you do not need to be a beauty expert to master the technique of conducting your favorite procedure Kate Moss. Just take a few ice cubes, place them in a small bowl (your face should fit in it) and pour ice water. Gently lower your face into a bowl of ice. Repeat several times.

If you do not want to make a bath, you can remove the swelling of the face by using the ice cube, namely, carefully rubbing their skin. If you have a sensitive skin type, wrap the ice in a cotton scarf. To bring the skin maximum benefits, we recommend that you prepare the ice in advance. You can add green tea to the water (caffeine and antioxidants in it are especially good for swollen eyes), lemon (to lighten the skin a little and narrow the pores), dry chamomile or aloe juice (help to calm the skin), pink water and cucumber (perfectly tone)and other herbs that can help the skin.

Cooling beauty facilities for the face that relieve swelling

Cooling beauty products, like ice, help expand the vessels and disperse the stagnation of liquids. But they have more advantages over ice. In hot weather or in rooms with dry air because of air conditioners, our skin loses a lot of moisture. Therefore, it is so important to find a tool that will help to maintain natural moisture in it. This will avoid dehydration and remove swelling. In addition, in addition to moisturizing components, there are many useful ingredients in the cooling facilities for the face that help to solve certain cosmetic problems. Cooling, moisturizing and removing edema – the perfect effect for the summer.

How to remove edema from your face and look rested – useful tips

Try Lancôme énergie de Vie or face cream for face La Mer the Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. You can find more cosmetics with a cooling effect in our selection.

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