Hydrokhinone in means of bleaching the skin of the face: benefits and harms

Hydrokhinone is a synthetic organic compound and a tool for softening and lightening the skin, present in the minimum concentration in many bleaching serums, masks and creams that promise to remove dark spots in a short time. Those. who seeks to lighten dark spots on the face – from hyperpigmentation, age stains to freckles and stroke scars.

Although some dermatologists recommend ointments with hydrokhinon as an effective way to treat hyperpigmentation and even to level the skin shade, it is a very contradictory component. Hydrakhinon for leather improving is prohibited in the European Union, Japan, Australia, and in the USA and Canada its high concentration is available only by recipe. However, the means of hydrochinon, with a minimum acceptable percentage of the ingredient, can still be found in cosmetics around the world.

So, we will tell you what hydrochinon is, like hydrochinon, it is used in cosmetology and medicine, how to use creams with hydrokhinon from pigment spots and who should not whiten agents with hydrochinon.

Hydrokhinon – what is it

Hydrokhinone is an ingredient used for skin care to lighten the skin or get rid of dark spots, discoloration. With age, all people, regardless of the skin type of skin, appear areas of discoloration or pigment spots from the sun, scars from acne. Hydrokhinone can be used in high concentration according to a dermatologist’s order, and in lower percentage ratio in various creams, serums and masks that can be bought on a beauty market without a cosmetologist recipe. A whitening cream with hydrokhinon brightens age spots, pigment spots due to damage to sunlight, freckles, post-acne and scars.

Simply put, the chemical properties of the hydrochinon in blocking the key enzyme responsible for the production of melanin (pigment) in the body. Hydroquinone in cosmetics is one of the most effective (if not the most effective) components for lightening the skin. It helps to remove pigmentation forever, if proper care after the course of treatment. Studies have shown that the combination of hydrochinone with retinoids and corticosteroids leads to rapidly brightening. The effect of the substance exceeds the results from any other active component of cosmetics. Therefore, pay attention to creams with hydrochinon and retinol.

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