New Year’s weekend 2023 in Ukraine: how much we will rest

The long -awaited period of winter holidays is approaching, which means it is time to think about where and how to celebrate the New Year and Christmas. In order to plan the holidays in advance, you need to know how many days we will rest and when exactly.

New Year weekend 2023-2023: all dates

New Year’s weekend 2023 in Ukraine: how much we will rest

Holidays and weekends in December 2023 – January 2023 Ukraine

The first additional weekend is waiting for Ukrainians this month. On December 25, the whole Western world will celebrate Catholic Christmas, which is among the official holidays of Ukraine (it is celebrated by Catholics, Protestants and part of the Orthodox). In 2023, the holiday of the birth of Christ according to the Gregorian calendar fell on Saturday, December 25, so the weekend was postponed the next working day – Monday December 27. Thus, in the first month of winter, three days off will be held with 25 to 27 December

The next long weekend is expected in honor of the New Year. January 1, 2023 falls on Saturday, so the day off is automatically transferred again to Monday. The days with 1 to 3 January.

On January 7, Orthodox Christians will celebrate Christmas. In 2023, the holiday falls on Friday, so that another “three” weekend awaits the inhabitants of Ukraine – with 7 to 9 January. Total, in the first week of January we will work only three days.

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