Pranayama: breathing practices for beginners

Pranayama translated from Sanskrit means “management of vital energy using breathing exercises“. Pranayamam was known in the 4th century BC.e., As evidenced by entries in ancient books. 

The purpose of Pranayama is to increase the amount of vital energy (prana), the ability to control it and correctly redirect. Let’s talk about Pranayama techniques, show video tutorials for beginners.

Respiratory yoga: essence and benefit 

Pranayama: breathing practices for beginners

Special breathing exercises from yoga – pranayama – affect the physiological state of a person. This is due to a change in the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the connection of different groups of the respiratory muscles into the work, massage internal organs. 

The exercises about pranayams also indicate the reflex effect on the nervous system, on the psychoemotional state. With a long hold of breathing, it is realistic to expand consciousness, make it more stable. It is noted that regular breathing practices improves brain activity, and stress resistance increases.

Those who are engaged in pranayama note at home:

  • Changing the emotional background – less susceptible to depression and apathy, mood shifts, and negative thoughts;
  • improvement of health (prevention of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, pneumonia) and a general strengthening effect;
  • Reducing body weight due to acceleration of metabolism, uniform distribution of oxygen over organs and tissues (toxins and toxins are removed);
  • an increase in the wakeful period, it takes much less time for a dream than before pranayama.

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