Seizures in the corners of the mouth: why appear and how to treat

Angular Heilit, Angular Stomatitis, Angulite, or just jamming – one of the most common diseases. Redness and minor edema in the corners of the mouth, which are covered with crusts, crack and bleed, appeared in each of us. It’s a shame that, together with the appearance, the problem often spoils the quality of life for us: jamming causes physical discomfort, pain during food intake, and sometimes even the cause of a metallic flavor in the mouth. Often dryness and burning sensation from the corners of the mouth spreads around the entire perimeter of the lips – this is also one of the symptoms of the seizure.

Zaeda can come to our lives for several days and to hide without a trace and settle on the lips for years. Why this happens? We will figure out what entails angolite and what methods experts advise to get rid of it.

Why do the seizures appear in the corners of the mouth

Seizures in the corners of the mouth: why appear and how to treat

Excessive salivation

Corners of the mouth – a zone in which the skin is much thinner and vulnerable than on the rest of the face. If an excess of saliva (moisture) is collected in them, plus the optimum temperature is always maintained, we get the perfect environment for the propagation of bacteria. And an excessive amount of harmful microorganisms is actually the reason for the occurrence. An excessive amount of saliva in the corners of the mouth can appear for many reasons. This is a banal habit of licking your lips often (especially in the wind and frost), and breath mouth with a laid nose, as well as frequent smoking, etc.D. Here you have the first row of reasons why irritations and cracks appear in the corners of the mouth.

If you notice that you always have wet corners of the lips, follow yourself and try to detect rituals that can lead to this. If the situation is not subject to you and it is impossible to resolve saliva, for example, you wear braces, dentures or you have a pathological bite, take a habit of wiping the corners of the lips every few hours to remove the remains of saliva. So you get rid of the cause of the appearance.

Seizures in the corners of the mouth: why appear and how to treat

Weakened immunity and illness

Zhada may be a signal of failure in the immune system. Under the influence of external irritants and lack useful substances (especially vitamins of group B, zinc and iron) In the cold season, our body can weaken. Therefore, the necessary substances for nutrition and protection do not enter the zone of the corners of the mouth and harmful bacteria multiply in it and inflammatory processes occur.

If, together with food, you have concomitant symptoms, such as weakness, drowsiness or pain, take care of your diet and review the lifestyle. In most cases, a change of diet helps to get rid.

Sometimes cracks in corners appear with diabetes, liver diseases, anemia and hypovitaminosis. Zaeda can also occur due to increased body temperature and colds.

Seizures in the corners of the mouth: why appear and how to treat

Fungal infection

Studies show that very often jams appear due to fungal infection. Usually it falls on the delicate area of the corners of the lips due to dirty objects of personal hygiene, dishes and cutlery, unwashed vegetables and fruits. Also, those who have the habit of gnawing nails (it is in this zone lives the largest number of bacteria) or pull pencils, pens during this zone during operation are often infected with a fungus. Use of someone else’s lipstick or cosmetics testers stores can also cause irritation. Another unobvious cause of the propagation of fungal infection is to bite lips that causes microcracks. Actually, harmful microorganisms can enter the skin through them and provoke the development of the disease.

An important nuance: fungi provoking seizures (and not only) feed on sugar. If you eat a large number of sweets, irritation will develop significantly more intensively

Seizures in the corners of the mouth: why appear and how to treat

Allergic reaction

Jams can be a reaction of the body to external stimuli. More often the skin reacts with redness and cracks to severe hypothermia in winter. In addition, cosmetics or oral cavity can be caused by angolite. Very often the skin irritates the skin Toothpaste with fluorine, rinses for the oral cavity with mint extract or the content of other aggressive components. If we talk about decorative cosmetics, then the corners of the lips can be irritated by means containing components to increase the volume of the lips: menthol, red pepper extract, etc.D.

After the introduction of quarantine norms, the reasons for the appearance of the outbreak were also added by wearing a dirty medical mask. Do not forget that it is important to regularly change disposable personal protective equipment, and clean the clean ones in a dry and clean place.

How to treat seizures in the corners of the mouth

Seizures in the corners of the mouth: why appear and how to treat

Before treating arrive, it is important to deal with the reason for its appearance.

If these are bacteria (most cases), then creams should be used with antiseptic and antimicrobial effects. Such drugs can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription. If you have suspicions that I would have caused a fungal infection, it is important to consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination. In order to reduce the manifestations of the disease, before consulting with a specialist, one should abandon the use of cosmetics for a person containing paraffin, sodium lauryl sulfate, cinnamon flavor, isopropilmiristate, etc.D. Experts also advise avoiding artificial flavors and preservatives.

In the treatment of a jar to moisturize lips, it is important to use natural products. Pure oil oil is perfect, because in consistency it resembles a balm, but does not contain any impurities that can cause allergies.

It is important for women to remember: In no case do not try to hide cracks in the corners of the mouth with tonal means, because this can aggravate the situation.

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