Shifting, or why do we need a conscious dream

Shifting is a controlled dream. Today in the world there is a shifting trend, and those who practice the methodology are actively sharing their impressions on the network. So, the bloggers of Tiktoka shot a lot of lifhas rollers to help beginners who would like to take control of their dreams. Is the shifting possible in fact that scientists are talking about controlled sleep and whether everything can practice shifting – we will tell you in this material.

What is shifting, who are available practices

Shifting, or why do we need a conscious dream

Shifting translated from English – “change” or “movement”. In this case, we will talk about moving reality. 

Practicing shifting is easier for people with good imagination, otherwise it is possible to achieve the effect of control dreams the first time it is quite difficult. Both are important to prepare for practice correctly, some even write Sleep scenario. There are no restrictions, you can safely show all the facets of your imagination. The script can be written by hand, make an entry on the phone or on the computer. By the way, thanks to the recorded scenario, you will understand whether you managed to direct a dream by 100%. But teaching the script for memory is not necessary, it is enough to re -read it several times before Go to bed.

How to write a script for chipping: step -by -step instructions

Shifting, or why do we need a conscious dream

Follow such a scenario scheme for shifting.

  • Write down your personal data. This can be your real name or fictional, as well as gender, age, place of residence, external data, character traits, place of work, hobbies and hobbies, marital status, etc. It is also important to decide whether you will play in your dream the main role or secondary, or maybe you are just an observer.
  • Designate how many more heroes will be in your dream. You can add someone you want, real people or fictional, heroes from your favorite films and series, literary characters.
  • Decide on the role that these characters will play in your dream, for example, a relative, beloved, a warning or even an animal.
  • Come up with a location where events will take place from your sleep. You should not restrain yourself here: feel free to choose seas or medieval castle.
  • You need to record emotions that you would like to experience. Perhaps it will be love and passion, pleasure, or even fear and horror.
  • Select Stop Slovo. You do not want to stay in virtual reality forever? The moment comes when your dream needs to be “disconnected”. It is known that a person can easily remember the last 5 minutes of sleep, respectively, if your sleep has a duration for several hours or even days, the brain excludes this part of sleep from memory. To prevent this from happening, come up with a word that will help you wake up and remember the dream completely. Stop Slovo should be special for you, perhaps you would never have pronounced it in reality. The alarm clock can become a stop, but in this case you cannot regulate the awakening yourself.

How to prepare for shifting

Shifting, or why do we need a conscious dream

If you treat people with a bad imagination or you have a weak memory, you need to do simple exercises and adhere to some rules.

  • For several days after waking up, try to restore sleep in your memory, write it on paper or tell some1. 
  • During the day, do your way of rest, close your eyes and imagine some thing or situation. It is important to pay attention to the slightest details, such an exercise will help to develop imagination.
  • Create a quiet and calm atmosphere before bedtime: do not watch a movie, do not “shy away” in a smartphone, do not allow physical activity, avoid drinking alcohol. It is important to “free” the brain and relax.
  • Improte the room before going to bed, it is better to leave the windows open. 
  • Turn off the light, lie down as it is convenient, close your eyes and start the countdown from 100 to 1. Considering, think out your script.
  • Instead of an account, you can arrange a chase, for example, behind the hero of your shifting. Your goal is to try to catch up with the runaway character, overcoming obstacles in the form of mountains, rivers, desert, dense forest thicket, etc. In the process of the chase you will fall asleep. Do not represent the structures in which your hero hid, and you need to open the doors, climb into the hole or break the concrete wall. Overcome open spaces. 
  • Some helps the method of entering their own body. For example, introduce yourself to a high -rise building rising up the stairs. Next, see the door, opening which, find yourself, go to bed and merge with your body. In the process you should feel the severity in your head, as if pouring the lead of limbs. This is the process of immersion in sleep, your brain will work as you programmed it in a dream, the dream occurs according to the previously compiled scenario.

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