Where to cut a child in Kyiv: a list of places where children’s haircuts and styling are made

Beauty and caring for themselves begin with childhood, and if your grandmother was cut on a stool, this does not mean at all that your children should extend the family tradition. Over the past ten years in the capital, the niche “Beauty Salons” has significantly modified, men’s hairdressers appeared – barbershopes, thematic children’s salons and highly specialized bars – Brow Bar, Dry Bar. Classical female beauty salons also transformed, becoming more conceptual, luxurious and with the Express dick. Given all of the above, to cut a child in Kyiv is no longer a problem, there are a lot of options, a little less, and we will dwell on them. Editors Beauty Hub Compiled a guide for young parents, introducing the best hairdressers for a children’s haircut that you can trust.

Where to cut a child in Kyiv: children’s hairdressers

The most popular option remains children’s hairdressers, which are a professional beauty studio, but have their own subtleties: offices, cartoons on TV and craftsmen in costumes of fairy-tale heroes. Such KIDS studios are in demand among the smallest customers and remain in good account with parents whose reviews can be read on social networks.

A full -fledged center of beauty can be considered Kids Cut, which provides a wide range of services: children’s haircuts, piercing the ears, manicure/pedicure, makeup/aquagrim, birthdays and spa dni. It is worth noting that this is one of the most expensive children’s hairdressers. The highly specialized beauty salon became Pipitto, which provides babies for diplomas about the first children’s haircut, shows cartoons and travels on virtual chairs of cars. So that parents do not miss, there are also adult women’s and men’s haircuts in the list of services.

  • Kids Cut, st. Mikhail Dragomirova, 15, prices from 400 UAH
  • Pipitto, st. Zdolbunovskaya, 17, prices from 180 UAH

The folk favorite was the children’s hairdresser “SIME“, Which has seven salons throughout the city and offers young fashionistas, in addition to a classic children’s haircut, a service such as staining curls with colored crayons, and festive laying. Editors Beauty Hub Included the most budgetary hairdresser in this selection “Chick Chick‘Exclusively due to positively recalculating on social networks and Google. The salon is engaged only in children’s haircuts and “in appearance” can scare away, but at the same time, customer reviews remain positive. Judge you!

  • “Simp”, st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 72, prices from 180 UAH
  • “Chick Chick”, Darnitsky Boulevard, 12, price from 80 UAH

Where to cut a child in Kyiv: beauty salons

Where to cut a child in Kyiv: a list of places where children’s haircuts and styling are made

Naturally, the most common place of haircuts of older children, especially girls, remain classic beauty salons that provide a full range of services, while they have a nobility “Children’s haircut” in the price list. Most beauty salons have either a separate game room with animators, or point entertainment in the form of board games and coloring. One of the most “flexible” beauty salons was the international network Maija, which has several specialized branches, such as plus, “luxury”, “style”, kids and Family. The last two are created to serve not only your child, but the whole family. However Maija Kids combines the advanced version of the “children’s salon”: you can cut the baby, color a few strands of a teenager and make a flash tate to every1. At the end of the article you can watch a video review of the beauty salon Maija Family in our heading What to beauty On the YouTube channel Beauty Hub TV.

  • International Maija Beauty Network, st. Bastionnaya, 8/2, price from 200 UAH

One of the most professional beauty salons with its hairdressing academy was Erte Qoob, The pricing of a children’s haircut depends on the level of the master with a 50% discount, if a child under 12 years old. It is worth noting that the salon has no children’s rooms and toys, but there are funny administrators and masters of their craft. There is a universal studio right in the center of the city Hairhouse, which skillfully combines a female beauty salon and a barbershop with the service “Children’s haircut”. The beauty is that if you have twins: a boy and a girl, this place is “two in one” created for you. Kids are entertained by cartoons on tablets, coloring and board games, older children are attracted by looking at cosmetics and hairdressing equipment.

  • Erte Qoob, st. Vladimir, 49a, price from 400 UAH
  • HairhousE, st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 43/16, price from 450 UAH

Completes a selection of classic beauty salons with a dick “Children’s haircut” editorial favorite Beauty Hub, Parisian ambassade de la beaut, or Beauty Embassy, in which even the smallest client will treat all reverence and French charm. The plus of the cabin is that while the child will create a new hairstyle, mom or dad can go through the procedure from the cosmetzic brand Biologique Recherche. By the way, an overview of this salon of his services and prices can also be found on our YouTube channel.

  • Beauty Embassy, st. Kropyvnitsky, 16, price from 500 UAH

Children’s haircuts: Barbershop

Where to cut a child in Kyiv: a list of places where children’s haircuts and styling are made

The first men’s hairdressers “barbershop” appeared in America and Europe at the end of the 18th century, haircuts of hair and beard were considered the main services. The name “Barbershop” comes from the Latin word Barba, which means “beard”. Male Gruming came to Ukraine not so long ago, about 6–8 years ago, and was marked by the general discovery of men’s salons and the development of a culture of care. Naturally, children, especially boys, want to visit a men’s club with dad and plunge into the atmosphere of football and adulthood. Many mothers on social networks shared excellent life hack if your child for some reason does not have enough male communication-take him to the barbershop. One of the most popular places for a children’s haircut was Chop-chop, which has its own network in the city, the service “Guys of Guys under 12 years old”, which lasts no more than an hour and the Combox “Father+Son”-a beauty ritual for 2.

  • Chop-chop, st. Antonovich, 48, prices from 400 UAH

Barbershop Frisor He established himself as a professional in his field, which not only is distinguished by quality maintenance, but also has its own Barber school. A children’s haircut takes place in an express version, so as not to tire a child, but as entertainment- a game of chess. Gentlemens Club – a place where they cut them quickly, efficiently and without unnecessary ceremonies, in a word, for lovers of minimalism. The beauty of children’s haircuts here is that barbers can “speak” teeth to a child of any age, telling stories about hairstyles, laying a beard or discussing films about superheroes.

  • Frisor, st. Saksagansky, 27, prices from 200 UAH
  • Gentlemens Club, st. Pankovskaya, 12, prices from 300 UAH

Barbershop Brazor Located in the very heart of the capital, has its own school and lays the philosophy of the salon in the word Brother, which means “brother”. Children’s haircuts here really take place in the “fraternal” atmosphere – one cut, the other entertains. There is also a comprehensive service “Father + Son”, for children from 4 to 10 years old. The editors of the Beauty Hub was a selection of barbershopes, based on customer reviews and ratings on social networks and Google, we will be happy to hear your recommendations. Write in the comments!

  • Brazor, st. Basque, 19, prices from 350 UAH

The editors of the Beauty Hub, compiling and analyzing the capital’s haircut market, decided to visit several beauty salons and chat with comfort administrators, the most popular procedures and prices. You can find more detailed information on our YouTube channel Beauty Hub TV. In turn, we can safely recommend a “family” beauty salon with the services of children’s hairstyles for boys and girls Maija Family. Make sure this yourself by watching our video interview!

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