Why does the face burn: the reasons for redness and how to get rid of it

The face blushes regardless of age, gender and nationality. This is the reaction of the body to external stimuli-the vessels of the circulatory system expand, the blood flow increases, and the skin acquire a pinkish-reduced tint. The people are called this physiological phenomenon simply – the “burns” face.

Why blush the face and ears – from the point of view of health

You can “burn” your face for some reason. The main ones are diseases of the cardiovascular system, for example, hypertension and tachycardia. 

The face blushes due to skin diseases (non -infectious Rosacea, red lupus) or allergic reactions (to cosmetics, pollen, etc.D.), as well as after some cosmetic procedures (peeling, Mechanical cleaning), the use of incorrectly selected care products. Poor -quality cosmetics often causes spontaneous redness and unpleasant sensations. This is the body’s reaction to harmful substances in cosmetics.

Why does the face burn: the reasons for redness and how to get rid of it

The face blushes at stress, There is even such a thing in medicine as Blashing Syndrome. This uncontrolled pronounced redness of the face is considered not a disease, but a nervous disorder. Erytrophobia develops in parallel with Blashing Syndrome-fear of redness of the face.

The face “burns” after drinking alcohol, some sharp and fatty products, with nicotine dependence. Face redness is included in the list of side effects of taking certain drugs. 

After staying in the sun, the skin also acquires a reddish tint. Often the property of the face is inherited by a person to blush. The feeling that the face is burning, pregnant women are experiencing, as well as entering menopause.

Redness can be barely noticeable, and in some cases the face becomes puntsov. Saturation depends on how close the person is capillaries – The closer, the brighter the color.

What is the “burning” face: folk signs

But according to folklore, a person’s face can “burn” due to the fact that someone is actively discussing him, moreover, not at the best angle. To determine whether they talk well or badly about you, you need to draw a gold ring on the cheek. If the trace is clean, it means that a person is remembered with a kind word, and vice versa, they are slandered when a trace of a dark color.

According to another version, the face “burns” on the eve of any troubles: diseases, failures, misfortunes with loved ones. Often the red face is considered a sign that soon you will have to cry a lot because of resentment and disappointment. 

Why does the face burn: the reasons for redness and how to get rid of it

They pay attention to which side of the face “burns”-if the right one, then, a person in love with you soon admits his feelings, and if the left one, then someone has unkind intentions regarding you.

How to deal with redness of the face: tips

You can cope with the redness of the face. For this it is necessary:

  • Learn to control your emotions. This is not only work on oneself, but also taking sedatives, for example, valerian.
  • Follow the diet. Avoid sharp dishes with a lot of seasonings. 
  • Get rid of bad habits. It is necessary to completely abandon alcohol and nicotine, since both helps to expand the vessels.
  • Monitor the composition and shelf life of cosmetics and drugs. It is also impossible to use masks that contain paraffin.
  • To be examined on allergens.
  • Abandon face massage, Do not use solarium.

To relieve redness on the skin of the face, you can make a soothing mask, for example, from oatmeal, cucumber, potato or banana. 

Among the folk methods of getting rid of redness, washing the holy water stands out with the subsequent wiping of the face with a hem. If there is no holy water at hand, running. In the old days they notice, if you guess who speaks the bad about you, the face will “burn” immediately.

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