Yoni massage: how to relieve stress and increase your sexuality

Yoni massage is a massage of the vagina, aimed not at obtaining sexual satisfaction, but for disclosure of sensuality “Holy place”. Yoni Massage belongs to tantric elements of sex, it can end with multiple orgasm, although the latter is not an end in itself. 

Yoni massage is performed either independently or with a partner. In Europe and the United States, women without hesitation seek yoni massage to certified coaches Tantric sex. The duration of the session varies from an hour to three, and the cost of such a massage can reach 4 thousand. UAH.

What is the benefits of yoni massage who needs it

Yoni massage: how to relieve stress and increase your sexuality

Yoni massage allows you to explore your body. In addition to, in fact, the massage of the vagina, stimulations amenable to the stomach, chest, buttocks, hips. The goal of Yoni-massage is spiritual satisfaction, awareness of his sexuality, self -esteem, achieving the harmony of the body and soul. If in the finale of the massage of Yoni a woman receives an orgasm – this is a great result.

According to tantric sex coaches, Yoni massage needs to try every woman, because this is a great way to relieve stress and even stress. 

To whom is Yoni massage useful:

  • sexually clamped women experiencing complexes associated with the vagina;
  • women who have received sexual injury (violence or gender humiliation);
  • people who are interested in tantric and spiritual practices;
  • couples for a variety, increasing sexual attraction, achieving absolute harmony in relationships.

Preparation for yoni massage that you need to know

In order for Yoni massage to satisfy, it is worth preparing for it correctly, it is important to fully focus on sensations.

Yoni massage: how to relieve stress and increase your sexuality

  1. How to prepare space for yoni massage. You should be convenient to perform exercises. You can lie down anywhere: just on the floor/bed/sofa, use pillows and blankets. It is important to create a cozy atmosphere, Light candles And incense. It is necessary to limit access to the place where you are engaged – provide yourself with complete peace.
  1. Preparing the mind for spiritual practices. The thing is that you practice yoni massage, if you have never done spiritual practices, is quite difficult, or rather, unusual. If your solution is invariably, start with breathing relaxing exercises (deep breathing on inhalation, slow and noisy exhalation). It is necessary to breathe a stomach before and during yoni massage, keep your eyes covered. Such a pushing breathing will help to calm down, relax, and the body will become more susceptible.
  2. Preparation of the body for yoni massage. It is recommended to start with a warm -up: massage of the lower abdomen and pubis, chest, areol and nipples, buttocks, inside of the hips. Put the pillow/roller under the head and lower back. Warm up and massage itself is better to do naked.

Yoni massage techniques for beginners and advanced: TOP-7

  • Roundabout Circulation 

Spend the index finger with a clitoris with a pillow, make several circles clockwise and against it. It is important to alternate small and large circles, pressing stronger or touching very easily.

  • Cup

Put your palm as if holding a cup. Hold your hand over the entrance to the vagina, and then make neat circular movements. Next, cover the entrance, clutching your palm, gently massage the vagina.

  • Delaying

Grab the clitoris with the thumb and forefinger so that it turns out to be between them. Pull slightly and pull for a few seconds, release. Next, also pull the labia lips. Alternate sipping the clitoris and labia as indicated above.

Yoni massage: how to relieve stress and increase your sexuality

  • Friction

Grab the clitoris with your thumb and forefinger, slowly grind it between them. The movement of the fingers should resemble a click. Friction technique is performed for a long time.

  • Pressure

Press the index finger to the clitoris, feel the pulsation or create it. Next, run your finger down the clitoris without reducing pressure. The movement is repeated on both sides of the clitoris.

  • Massage of the point g

Bend one or two fingers with the letter C and insert them into the vagina (if there is little lubricant, you can use a lubricant). Next, gently massage, it is important to feel a soft, spongy area, directly behind the clitoris. Movements should resemble the gesture of “go here”, while the pace will be either fast or slow. Parallel clitoris parallel with a free hand.

  • Ezhing

This is a technique for advanced yoni massage masters. It consists in delaying orgasm. As soon as you feel that the apogee is close, stop any movements, breathe deeply. When you calm down a little, start the massage again and work before orgasm or pull the climax again. Accordingly, the more approaches of the exercise, the brighter the orgasm in the end will be.

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