24 New Year’s films that will provide a festive mood

If the soul already requires New Year’s films in such difficult times, then all the more we do not dare to refuse it. We have collected 24 films that, in spite of everything, will make you smile, charge a great mood and call nostalgia for childhood, when the most delicious Olivier in the world was prepared under the “one at home”. In our selection, both well -known old films and movie videos of recent years, which you may have not yet seen.

“One at home”, 1990

We start with the most famous Christmas film in the world. Tell you what he is about, a meaningless venture, so we just recall that even for the 30th time it is still worth it. After the first part, you can immediately move to the second, which was removed two years later. Or see the restart of 2023.

“Real Love”, 2003

One of the most romantic New Year’s films that collected a whole echelon of stars on the same site. In the center of the plot of nine parallel stories, which at the end of the film are intertwined among themselves, proving that love is around us, it is everywhere.

“Experient Christmas”, 2004

Rich Drew Latam (Ben Affleck) comes to Christmas to the suburban house of his childhood, where a completely different family already lives. For a solid reward, he offers members of the family for the duration of the holidays to become his family.

“New Year’s corporate party”, 2016

When the sister of the protagonist, the vice-president of the company, threatens his brother to close his branch, he decides to arrange an incredible Christmas party to attract a rich client and save the company. Suddenly the holiday gets out of control.

“Exchange Vacation”, 2006

And again romance on Christmas Eve. Iris Simpkins and Amanda Woods live in different parts of the world, but they are united by one thing – girls need to be distracted from unsuccessful relationships with men, so they decide to change houses during the New Year holidays.

“Christmas for two”, 2019

Kate has long set a cross on her personal life and from time to time abuses a drink to get distracted from all sorrows. But when, on the eve of Christmas, she meets the handsome Tom – everything changes.

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