In which films Karina Zvereva starred?

In which films Karina Zvereva starred?

Karina Zvereva has been shot in films since 2007, basically these are small and roles of the episodic plan.

Its first appearance on the screen was the role of a girl-driver in a comedic series’Bloody Mary‘. After that, she did not appear in films or in the series for quite some time.

In 2010, Karina played the wife of the rich in the comedy series’Maskvichi‘.

In 2012, she appeared in the criminal dramatic series’Who if not me?‘, in which she played the wife of Albert named Ksyusha. In the same year, Karina played the role of Christina in the comedy series’Radio Sex.‘.

In 2013, the actress played four roles:

– In the tragicomedy ‘More less‘She played the role of the leading TV show

– In the comedy series’friendship of Peoples‘played a girl of Ruslan named Light

– Karina played Mila Obraztsova in the comedy series’Think like a woman‘(Tutsi)

– In the series’Studio 17‘Played Albina.

In 2014, a multi -part criminal melodramatic film was released on the screensWidow‘(Red widow) in which Karina played Nick – Malkina’s second wife.

In the same year she played in a medical drama ‘Practice‘where she played Dean.

In the episodic role appeared in the series’Gym teacher‘.

In 2015, she appeared in a multi -part psychological thriller called ‘Method‘, where she played a naked model named Natasha.

Also, in 2015 played the role of Ksenia in the comedy series’Preoccupied, or love of evil‘.

It is worth noting that in 2016 several films with the participation of Karina will be released:

– Comedy ‘St. Valentine’s Day‘, where the actress played the role of Polina

– In a biographical music film ‘These eyes are on the contrary‘Karina has an episodic role

– In the comedy ‘Boy‘Actress played Natasha

– In the detective series’Carrier‘Actress played the namesake of Karina

– In a comedic melodrama ‘Beauty standards‘The actress got the role of Alexandra.

In which films Karina Zvereva starred?

Karina Zvereva is known not only as the ex -wife of Gennady Vetrov, but also as an actress of cinema, dancer, model, singer and humorist.

Krina took part in various humorous programs: ‘jokes’, ‘one on all’, ‘classmates’, ‘Muscovichi’. Now takes part in the project ‘Once in Russia’.

Worked as a dancer at Soso Pavliashvili. The dance of the abdomen performed.

In the cinema at the moment, she already has 23 works. The roles are mostly small, even more episodic. ‘Hotel Eleon’, ‘Police from Rublevka’, ‘Death Trade’, ‘Last Bogatyr’ are the most famous works in the Carina Cinema.

Here we are watching a complete filmography.

In which films Karina Zvereva starred?

One of the first role of Karina Zvereva on the screen was the role of a girl Lyali from the show ‘full house’, where she joked a couple with the Gennady Wind.

Her filmography and performed roles look as follows:

In which films Karina Zvereva starred?

The young actress and model Karina Zverev in films has been shot since 2017, but so far she has not got big roles, but she has been fulfilling all her roles in qualitatively. Mostly Karina is removed in the series. In addition to films, Karinna actively takes part in various shows.

Filmorafia Karina Zvereva:

In which films Karina Zvereva starred?
In which films Karina Zvereva starred?

Karina Zvereva adds more and more films and series to her piggy bank every year. Now in her ‘arsenal’ twenty -five films.

One of the last films with her participation is the series ‘Polar’, about which Sergey Stillin wrote about two hours in his blog as a solid film. Expresses admiration for how Karina looks in his 42 years, excellent!

You can see the full list of films in which Karina Zvereva was involved.

The famous Russian actress, model, TV presenter Karina Yuryevna Zvereva starred in many films and series. Here is her filmography:

In which films Karina Zvereva starred?

She also starred in the next show on television:

In which films Karina Zvereva starred?
In which films Karina Zvereva starred?

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