Slon man: Interesting facts about real Fricke from David Lynch’s film

Slon man: Interesting facts about real Fricke from David Lynch’s film

You could communicate with a “man-prison” whose physical condition will differ from standard and even frighten? Tell us in the comments! 

Joseph Carrie Merrick, known to many under the stage pseudonym “Man-Slon”, was born in 1862 in England. For more than 100 years, his figure has not been released by the mass consciousness of pop culture and inspires writers, artists and directors. So, probably, the most known work about the tragic life of the Faric of the Victorian era is the 1980 film “Man-Slon” under the leadership of Dvid Lynch. But you can tell a lot more about Merrick’s life.

Interesting facts about “man-slope”

1. Childhood “Man-Human”

From a young age, Joseph Merric’s “man-prisoner” developed scoliosis, and the tissues (bones and skin) of the head-and not only-began to randomly grow, for example, literally absorbing the right hand. Face deformations forced people to consider Merrick as a “monster” and a threat to society. But in reality everything was the other way around. Many who knew the Englishman personally noted that he was a kind and soft person trying to survive in a society that did not care about him, with the exception of several people.

Slon man: Interesting facts about real Fricke from David Lynch’s film

Although immediately after birth he had no problems, by the age of five signs of ugliness began to be actively manifested;His right hand gradually became at least twice as large, the feet increased and deformed. With age, the skin thickened, and he had several large and individual growths on different parts of the body, including his face and bottom. Hearing walks, supposedly in childhood Merric said that his condition was caused by the fright of his mother, who saw an elephant at the fair during her pregnancy.

Slon man: Interesting facts about real Fricke from David Lynch’s film

2. Health “Man-Human”

There are two medical conditions that were considered in relation to the “man-slope” Merric: for example, a prostitute syndrome, a rare disease that causes the growth of bones and skin. The second theory that he had neurofibromatosis, a genetic disease causing tumors in nerve tissues, which then spread to the brain and spine.

At first, many considered Merrick a mentally retarded “man-prison”, but it was far from the truth, because he knew how to read and write, although he could not speak due to deformation of his face. The young man was forced to survive in the most painful conditions, but this did not prevent him from getting carried away with literature and theater: it is known that he knew a lot of poems by heart.

3. The arrival of “man-prison” in a freak show 

Due to the same deformations, the “man-slope” was hardly ate, and there was absolutely no one to help him, since Merrik fled from his native father (and evil stepmother). Over time, Merric was difficult to observe personal hygiene and it began to smell like that only pushed people around. “Just think about the quality of the food that he ate, and about the difficulties with which he had to eat it. You or I would go crazy with disappointment, ”said Steve Moore, who keeps the skeleton of Merric at the University of London of Queen Maria.

Slon man: Interesting facts about real Fricke from David Lynch’s film

In the middle-end of the 1800s, thousands of Londoners flocked to the “freaks of freaks” to stare at the people rejected by modern society-disabled, thick, high, bearded ladies, Siamese twins-but no one had the same way on the stageincredible freak, like “man-slope”. It began to advertise it as “half a man, half an elephant”, but the only similarity of with was the skin sticking out of the face.

4. Hospital and acquaintance of the “man-prison” with Dr. Trevez

Merrik, working on stage, lived near the London Hospital and, fortunately, came into the view of the surgeon Frederick Trevez, who was intrigued by a “man-man” and once asked if he could inspect the body of Merrik. Joseph agreed. Treves discovered that Merrick’s deformations were incredibly extreme – bone protrusions and soft tissue tumors covering most of his body, physical and psychological pain.

Slon man: Interesting facts about real Fricke from David Lynch’s film

One thing that Treve made out of his meeting with Merrica was that the latter was a “man-man” that can be admired. Trevez maintained a connection with Merrica even after the Ugod show closed in London and moved to Belgium. But life in Belgium was even worse than in London. Merric managed to return to England to see the only person who, he felt, really cared for him. By the age of 24, the health of the “man-prison” Merrick worsened, and Trevez made sure that Joseph could sit in the hospital. The doctor also created a fund for donations for Merrick’s treatment.

Slon man: Interesting facts about real Fricke from David Lynch’s film

5. The death of a man-prison 

Joseph died in his hospital bed on April 11, 1890. It is believed that he tried to fall asleep lying on his bed (which he usually could not afford due to physical condition), which is why his head fell, dislocating his neck. The young “man-prison” was 27 years old.

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