The most box office Soviet films: Moscow does not believe in tears, a wedding in Malinovka, new adventures of elusive, operation “Y”

The most box office Soviet films: Moscow does not believe in tears, a wedding in Malinovka, new adventures of elusive, operation “Y”

Cinema in the USSR was one of the few entertainment, so everyone loved him. Here are examples of the best works of Soviet directors

Cinema was one of the favorite types of entertainment of Soviet people. This was available and cheap, because even in the smallest cities there were cinemas. This can be the cause of the stunning popularity of films from the Soviet audience. Not all films received enthusiastic reviews and gained popularity with the inhabitants of the USSR, but this five paintings turned out to be super -popular and still regularly goes on our TV channels.

New adventures of elusive (1969)

The first film from the series “Elusive Avengers” was released in 1966. The adventures of four teenagers-revolutionaries during the Civil War in Russia and their struggle against supporters of the tsarist regime became a real blockbuster and enjoyed great success among young Soviet spectators. The producers literally begged the director Edmond Keosayan to remove the sequel, and the “new adventures of the elusive” became one of the most box office films of 1969, which was watched by 66.2 million people.

The soundtrack of the film deserves a special mention – the songs “Pursuit” and “Russian Field” by composer Jan Frenkel themselves became hits. In 1971, the third part of the series was released – “The Crown of the Russian Empire, or again elusive”.

Operation “Y” and other adventures of Shurik (1965)

This comedy is a collection of three short films – “Partner”, “Obsession” and “Operation "S"". Everyone has their own plot, but everyone has a common main character: naive, but kind, honest and well -educated Shurik. He is a new generation of Soviet intellectual, who works at a construction site with a hooligan partner, another day is preparing for an exam in an apartment of a stranger, and in the third short story he is faced with bandits planning to make a hack.

One of the most famous comedies of the director Leonid Gaidai has long spread into quotes and cultural references and is currently considered Soviet classic. She became the most box office of 1965, which was watched by 69 million people. Inspired by his success, next year Gaidai began to take off the continuation of the “Caucasian captive, or new adventures of Shurik”.

Wedding in Malinovka (1967)

The film takes place during the Civil War in Russia. Almost all men in the village of Malinovka went to the front to fight for the Red Army. While women are waiting for the return of their men, the local mafiosi and his gang decide to capture the village and begin to rob her residents. The bandit also wants to marry a beautiful young Irinka, who is in love with the shepherd. This musical comedy was watched by 74.6 million people, and yet it became only the second most box office of 1967… The box office record of that year was beaten by the film “Caucasian Captive, or New Adventures of Shurik”, in which the already familiar and beloved main character appeared.

Caucasian captive, or new adventures of Shurik (1967)

The continuation of the adventures of a young student from director Leonid Gaidai was watched by 76.5 million people. Unlike the original film “Shurik”, which consisted of three short stories, this full -length film about how Shurik goes to the Caucasus to study local customs, and where – accidentally – is involved in the reconstruction of one of these traditions, namely the abduction of the bride. The result was an amazingly funny comedy, which also became a source of popular quotes and references.

Moscow does not believe in tears (1980)

The film consists of two parts. In the first, the main character is a modest girl from the province who lives in a hostel in Moscow, works at the factory and plans to go to college. Following the example of a friend, she pretends to be a professor’s daughter and starts an affair with a beautiful Muscovite from a middle class family. When she gets pregnant, he throws her.

In the second part, whose action takes place 20 years later, the main character is a successful woman, the director of a large enterprise, who managed to overcome all difficulties, alone to raise a child and make a brilliant career. Only her personal life remained in the background. Then one day her life changes: she falls in love with a man who meets on a train, who turns out to be an ordinary locksmith.

This melodrama of director Vladimir Menshov not only became a cash hit of 1980 (84 million spectators watched it), but also received an Oscar for the best film in a foreign language.

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