What are the names of the characters from the cartoon ‘Cars’?

Heroes we get acquainted in the first part of the cartoon:

Lightning Makvin – key figure.

Mac – Makvina Trailer.

Chico Hicks – Green Harmful Opponent Makvina.

Mr. King is a ‘legend’ of racing, with which Makvin is also competing.

Bob is a commentator.

Gart – we hear only his voice – he is producer Makvina.

Mia and Tia – Fans of Gemini..

Peter Bilt – a truck similar to poppies. Mistaken, Makvin got lost.

In the radiator of Springs we get acquainted with 12 residents:

Master – tow truck, friend Makvina.

Sally – was a lawyer, here the prosecutor. With Makquin – Love.

Flo – the owner of the gas station.

Ramon – paints, puts a tattoo.

Doc Hatson – Doctor, Judge and Raced Expert. Former champion.

Filmore – hip minibus.

Sergeant – sergeant, neighbor Philmore.

Sheriff – Cop.

Luigi – an Italian who has a tire shop.

Guido – Assistant, works for Luigi.

Lizzi is an ancient machine of the beginning of the 20th century.

Hose – firefighter and watering.

In addition to the main ones, you can find additional characters:

Batsi – asphalt car.

DJ – put Mack with pleasant music.

Smorkach – Shpana with DJ, sneezed all the time.

Stanley – Monument to the husband Lizzy.

Tractor – ‘cows’.

Frank – ‘Bull’ (combine).

Pusik and beads – tourists minibus.

In the cartoon ‘Cars’ there are no characters who would be people or animals, there are only cars on the screen that are able to talk, joke, make friends and even fall in love with.

Character names:

Lightning McQueen is the main character of the cartoon, a charming and arrogant racing car.

Sally – his lover,

Doc Hudson – Rare Car,

Master – rusty tow truck, best friend of the main character,

Luigi is the owner of a store with tires, and many other, no less curious and bright characters of this admonished many animated film.

The cartoon has a huge number of existing heroes, but still I will try to list, if not everyone, then at least most:

Lightning Maccuin – a red car with a number of 95 Chevrolet Corvette brand.

Doc Hudson – Hudson Hornet Car. After the accident he tied with races, although he was once a real champion.

The master is the GMC Blue Chip 150 car, the tractor loves its work, namely, to pull out cars from holes and ditches.

Sally Carrera – Porsche 911 Carrera became a protopop of this car. Sally former lawyer, a romantic relationship is established between her and lightning.

Jackson Storm is a newcomer in races, which, nevertheless, has become the main opponent of lightning in the third part.

Cruise Ramirez – a coach and a lightning technique in a training center, dreaming of becoming a racer.

Flo – the owner of the cafe. Reminds the car Dodge Regent.

Sergeant – military, loves discipline. Its prototype is the Willys MB car.

Sheriff – policeman, Mercury Eight black car.

Filmore is the owner of the fuel store, its prototype is the Volkswagen T1 car.

Chico Hicks – a vile racer, a lover of dishonest victories. It has number 86 on board and is an analogue of the Buick Grand National car.

Ramon – Workshop owner and husband. Chevrolet Impala`59.

King is a lightning rival and Chico.

What are the names of the characters from the cartoon ‘Cars’?

Mrs. King is King’s wife, Chrysler Town & Country.

Luigi is a regular member of the lightning team. Yellow car Fiat 500.

Guido – Assistant Luigi.

The hose is a firefighter. Very closed.

Lizzy is the widow of Stanley, her prototype is Ford Model T.

Mac – a tractor, a friend of lightning, is engaged in its transportation.

Harv is a lightning agent of Maccuin, he is not visible in the cartoon.

Those – represents Dinoco.

Michael Schumacher – Ferrari F430, which was voiced by Schumacher himself.

Antonio Fast – a friend of Michael Schumacher, owns a network of gas station.

Kostanzo Corses Cases – another friend of Michael Schumacher. Maserati Quattroporte.

Mario Andretti – once was a champion of NASCAR races.

Dusty and Rasting Rose (or Zvyak and Bryak) – founded the brand ‘Rusta’. Dodge A100 Van 1967 and Dodge Dart 1963.

Rusty Fred – an old sedan, a fan of lightning. Prototype – VAZ -2107.

Albert Hinki is the most important fan of lightning.

Darrell Cartrip – Commentator.

Bob Katlass – commentator.

Corey Turbotz – Reporter.

Chuck Eminthold – TV presenter.

Dexter Hoover – is responsible for the flag during the cup.

Brian – sells souvenirs.

Porshnyak (boost) – leads the gang of street racers.

DJ – street racer.

Vingo is another street racer.

Smokach – nicknamed so for constant sneezing. Street -raiser.

Jerry Peterbilt is a truck transporting batteries. Does not like his work.

Bessi is an asphalt pod.

Frank – Big Combine.

Tractors – the embodiment of cows.

Vrumarundus Bugus – the embodiment of a fly.

Jay Limo – Camoo Jay Leno.

Not Gazik – a mechanic of lightning maccuine, always dissatisfied.

Mario Andretti – prestigious racing car.

Mia and Tia are fans of lightning who went to Chico.

Busik and Busya – spouses – minivans.

Stanley – spouse Lizzy.

Barney Sturmovik – Biplan -Cascade.

El OFT – Advertising Airship.

Rotor turbovint – helicopter Dinoco.

Mike Vazovsky is the hero of the cartoon “Monster Corporation”

Sally (not to be confused with Sally Carrera) – the hero of the cartoon “Monster Corporation”.

Bazz and Woody are the heroes of the cartoon “History of toys”.

In the American animated series ‘Cars’, a whole bunch of cars (cars), because this animated series is a world of cars in which there is no place for creatures whose veins flows blood, but there may be aircraft, ships, etc.P.

What is the name of the heroes of the cartoon ‘Cars’:

Lightning McQueen, Master, Doc Hudson, Ramirez, Jackson Storm, Sally, Filmore, Sheriff, Florette, Sergeant, Chiko Hicks, Luigi, Guido, Hose, Ramon, King, those, Mario Andretti, Harv, Lizzy, Mac, Rusty Fred, Rusty Fred,Piston, DJ, Vingo, Flik, etc.

At one time, my child really loved to watch the cartoon ‘Cars’, so I also had to delve into the name of the main characters (in this case, the machine).

Lightning Maccuin is a red machine, the Chevrolet Corvette brand, maccuine is quite arrogant, he is used to win and considers himself one of the best.

The master – a tow truck, a bosom friend of Maccuin, loves his work, loves to help other machines that are in a ditch or hole.

Doc Hudson is a former champion, fair and reasonable.

Cartoon ‘Cars’.

Cars are a full -length cartoon of Pixar studio.

The cartoon contains only the world of cars ‘cars’, and nothing more.

The main characters of the cartoon:

1 Lightning Maccuin – Chevrolet Corvette.

2 Doc Hudson – Hudson Hornet.

3 master – 1955 GMC Blue Chip 150.

4 Sally Carrera – Porsche Carrera.

5 Jackson Storm – arrogant black and blue racer.

6 Cruise Ramirez – Lightning Coach McQueen.

7 Sheriff – the only policeman in radiator -springs.

What are the names of the characters from the cartoon ‘Cars’?

The main characters: Lightning Maccuin (Chevrolet Corvette), Doc Hudson (Hudson Horvet machine), master (JI EM EM SI), Sally Carrera (car Porsh 911), Jackson Storm – a participant in the Piston Cup, Cruise Ramirez – Technician – Technician – Technicianand the coach of the protagonist, Flo – the mistress of the cafe, the sergeant is a soldier, a sheriff – a policeman, a filmor – a fuel seller, Chiko Hicks – the most vile participant in racing. And many others.

What are the names of the characters from the cartoon ‘Cars’?

There are no living creatures in ‘cars’, there are only live planes, ships and of course the cars themselves (cars).

The main characters are:

  1. Lightning McQueen.
  2. Master
  3. Doc Hudson.

The secondary characters are: Flo, Sheriff, Chiko Hicks, Sergeant, Filmore, Sally Carrera, Ramon, Guido, Lizzy, KNG, Hose, Mac, Michael Schumacher, Rusty Fred, Garv, those, Darrell Cartrip, Smokach, Bessie, DJ, Porsyak, Mario Andretti, Stanley, Flik, Sally.

What are the names of the characters from the cartoon ‘Cars’?

3 parts of this cartoon have already been released and there were many heroes. Red Call is Maccuin Lightning – the main of all. His main rivals in the first part are King and Chico, then Francesco Vernoulli, in 3 – Jackson Storm. The second half – Sali. The best friend is master.

I only remember the lightning of Makvin, the master and Chico. If you want to look here http: // cars.Clan.SU/Index/Personazhi_iz_multfilma_tachki_disnej_Red_cars/0-14

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