What is the name of the characters from the cartoon ‘Monster on the holidays’?

At the moment, the cartoon “Monsters on the holidays” consists of three parts.

The characters of the first part of the cartoon are:

1) Count Dracula – the owner of the Hotel “Transylvania”.

What is the name of the characters from the cartoon ‘Monster on the holidays’?

This interesting cartoon goes around the following characters:

1) Mayvis, this is the daughter of the owner of the hotel Count Dracula, her dad keeps under supervision and tries not to let go into the big world

What is the name of the characters from the cartoon ‘Monster on the holidays’?

Count Dracula – Vampire, Father Mavis. Tried to keep her at the hotel, believing that the world of people was dangerous. Later he realized his mistakes and returned Jonathan to the hotel.

Mavis – vampire, daughter Dracula. I really wanted to get into the big world, but my father deceived her, forcing her to return.

Jonathan is a man. After he fought off a group of climbers, wandered through the forest. Seeing the burning zombies, he got to the hotel. Count Dracula tried to expose him, but could not do it.

Murray (Mumiy) – Monster from Egypt. Plays well on the guitar, quickly mastered rock and roll.

Frankenstein (Monster Frankenstein) – Monster. Very afraid of fires and fire in general. Like mummy plays well on the guitar.

Wolfych – werewolf, Vanda’s husband. Plays piano, controls with records. His watch show the phases of the moon.

Wanda – Werewolf, Wayne’s wife. She and Wolfych have several dozen puppies, but they cannot count them. At the time of the film was pregnant.

Invisible man – a collective image of a scientist from Herbert Wells’s novels. Invisible, has vision problems (wears points), by his own admission traveled in time.

Quasimodo – goblin, cook. With the help of his rat, Esmeralda found out that a man appeared among the monsters. Later he was immobilized by Dracula and remained in this state until the end of the cartoon.

There are a lot of characters in the cartoon ‘monsters on vacation’ (or ‘Hotel of Transylvania’), but I would highlight the following:

1) Dracula – the owner of the hotel

2) Mayvis – daughter Dracula

3) Johnny (Jonathan) – a lost tourist

4) monsters Frankenstein and his wife

5) Mummy of Murray or Mummy

6) Wolfych, Wanda and their children – the family of werewolves

7) Gryffin – invisible man.

8) jelly – green substance.

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