45 ideas than to do on the weekend and not spend a penny

45 ideas than to do on the weekend and not spend a penny

These ideas are not worth anything, but at the same time priceless.

1. Look for events in social networks and forums

In sections dedicated to hobbies and rest, you can find information about events, many of which are free.

Someone arranges a bike racket or hiking to the nearest forest lakes and invites every1. Someone organizes in the park a master class on weaving from beads. In megacities, the spectrum of free events is very wide.

2. Look at the local library

There are meetings of book clubs, children’s readings, lectures and other events. And that’s it – for free or for a symbolic contribution that will be spent on paying for tea or coffee and a small treat.

In addition, visiting local libraries is a great way to get acquainted with intelligent neighbors and find friends by interests.

3. Go to the public sports field

School stadium, parking sport zone or volleyball court on the beach-no difference. On a weekend in good weather, there are many people who want to play something. And they almost certainly will not have enough players. Join!

4. Learn to knit

Of course, this advice is for those who have a couple of spokes or hooks and a little yarn at home at home. Try to tie a simple scarf or blanket for a child of friends. Handmade things are unique and are much more than the yarn from which they are connected. People who sell knitting, let us put it on Etsy, they will confirm this to you.

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5. Meet your neighbors

Some investment may be needed here. For example, to bake cookies or pie.

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Go with baking to neighbors or invite them to you. These people can become for you not only good friends, but also a valuable resource. Having established good relations with them, you can count on supervision of your housing during departments or to help in repair.

6. Yes, by the way, experiment in the kitchen

To become a guru in the preparation of fast and simple dishes is not difficult and not at all expensive. Most likely, you already have the necessary ingredients in the refrigerator and you will not even have to buy anything. Nice bonus: carried away by kitchen experiments, at the same time you will get breakfasts and dinners to the office for several days ahead.

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7. Get rid of unnecessary things

The lesson that is always lacking time in weekdays. Shipment old clothes, books, disks by categories: “throw it away”, “give”, “sell”. Take things from the latest category by choosing a presentable background for them, and put on sale on any appropriate Internet resource.

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8. Play board games

A great option for those who live more than one or have many friends. Perhaps someone also does not know what to do on the weekend, and with pleasure will make you a company.

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9. Listen to the podcasts

This is a way to squeeze out of the weekend maximum benefits, and completely free.

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10. Make a detailed list list

For the near and distant future. With a schedule.

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11. Think about what you leave to the heirs

These thoughts are not from the most festive, but they are necessary. None of us know when exactly he will leave. Therefore, it is important to understand what you leave behind loved ones. If you have loans – who and how will close them? If you have real estate, who will get it? Who will take care of your dog? Who would you like to bequeath the comics collection?

Often such thoughts lead to the fact that people are aware of the need to make a will. This, by the way, is a reasonable move. But you have to think carefully about it.

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12. Spend “maintenance” at home

It’s simple. Go from room to room and correct all the shortcomings that you see. Candy Paper on a coffee table? We throw it away. Mirror with fingerprints and stains of unclear origin? Wipe. Dull lighting? Change the bulbs. And so on.

13. Go for a walk

Pack a delicious snack in the backpack, take the camera, make sure your smartphone is charged, and go to know the surroundings.

If you live in the city center, look into the arches, go to the old courtyards, look up up the brick walls – there you probably are waiting for what can be called cultural heritage. Let half -destroyed and forgot10.

If you live on the outskirts, near the forest, rivers or lakes, you will get an even more exciting eco -traffic. Take a blanket with you to be able to arrange a full -fledged small picnic.

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14. Learn to juggle or show tricks

In the future, this will help you defuse the situation in the office, impress new friends or please a small show of friends.

15. Photo

Look for beautiful shots around and take more pictures. At home, analyzing the results of the photo hunt, you will most likely find something beautiful. For example, a picture that can be a unique congratulatory card for a person close to you or serve as the basis for creating photo wallpaper.

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16. Go to a free museum or zoo

In large cities, museums with free access for everyone are often organized at universities, in libraries and educational spaces.

It is more difficult with the zoo. However, such a social initiative can exist in your city – just google.

17. Study the basics of some new or adjacent profession

There are many educational platforms on the network providing free access to serious university courses. This can be, for example, the famous Coursera or online lectures from famous universities in the world.

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18. Start conducting the family budget

Choose the most convenient of available online options, set up for your needs and start a new stage in your life-the stage of a rational approach to finance.

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19. Find a way to reduce costs

If you already use the program to record finance, congratulations: on the weekend you finally found a minute to analyze expenses! Review expenses, find those on which you could save, or even completely abandon them.

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20. Smell something interesting

T -shirts and decrepit jeans rolled to holes do not have to throw away. Make them, for example, a patchwork rug – just sew tissues of different colors together. Surning and angry.

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21. Learn to do origami

You will need several sheets of colored or white paper. Origami trains fine motor skills, improves concentration and can give you very useful things at the exit.

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22. Make a video for YouTube

Share with the world information about how masterly you add origami. Or, let’s say, make makeup. Any of your knowledge and skills are suitable. Perhaps this video will be the beginning of your personal YouTube channel.

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23. Play football. Even alone

Just go out into the courtyard, find the right wall – and lighten the ability to beat the penalty on the imaginary gate.

24. Create a time capsule

Find a small box, and then walk around the house, collecting objects that can represent your current reality. It can be:

  • checks from a supermarket or bar;
  • newspaper pages with an interesting information for you;
  • A pair of coins from the wallet;
  • printing with confirmation of armor at the buging;
  • one of the small toys that your cat pages;
  • A flash drive with a photo from your recent vacation ..

Put all this in the box, wrap with tape and attach the sticker with today’s date, as well as an indication of open exactly five or ten years later. So a piece of your daily life will go to the future.

25. Drink in personal archives

Remove boxes with your children’s drawings (or drawings of your adult children), school notebooks and albums with old photos from the mezza9. Immersion into the past is a great way to better understand yourself of the present.

26. Scan the old photos

Option for those who have a scanner at home. Diging paper memories is a great way to protect them from ruthless time. If there is no scanner, just take a picture of the old pictures and

Put all this in the box, wrap with tape and attach the sticker with today’s date, as well as an indication of open exactly five or ten years later. So a piece of your daily life will go to the future.

25. Drink in personal archives

Remove boxes with your children’s drawings (or drawings of your adult children), school notebooks and albums with old photos from the mezza9. Immersion into the past is a great way to better understand yourself of the present.

26. Scan the old photos

Option for those who have a scanner at home. Diging paper memories is a great way to protect them from ruthless time. If there is no scanner, just photograph old pictures and save in the cloud.

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27. Arrange a film festival

Invite several friends, asking everyone to take a disk or flash drive with your favorite movie. And then revise everything in a blade.

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28. Seduce your partner

It’s fun, romantic and great. It also helps to strengthen relationships. And yes, completely free.

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29. Mix the basic elements of yoga

You will need only a small free space and a blanket (gymnastic rug). Bonus – tangible benefit for the figure.

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30. Play the game with augmented reality

Your smartphone can turn the world outside the house into a huge attraction full of adventure.

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31. Go out on a subbotnik

This will do the area in which you live, cleaner, and you will bring satisfaction from useful activities. Just stock up on garbage bag and working gloves. By the way, you can invite neighbors to participate in such an event. It unites.

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32. Report the furniture in the room

To refresh the situation, sometimes just turn the table and change the position of the bed. And also this is a good muscle training.

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33. Sleep

Jokes aside. If you are actively working, most likely, within a week you do not have enough healthy sleep. The weekend is a great time to catch up.

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34. Call a friend or family member, with whom you have not talked for a long time

If you are in a quarrel, even better. Free time is a resource that helps to establish relations. Take an interest: perhaps a person needs your help? Or maybe he does not mind visiting you?

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35. Make a list

Those that need to be done when you have free time. For example, wash windows. Paint the walls in the corridor. Disassemble the trash on the balcony. Take a picture and hang for sale some unnecessary thing.

Start making a list on a large sheet of paper, and then fix it with a magnet on the refrigerator. So it will be convenient for you to delete things and add new.

By the way, you have free time right now? Spend it on a couple of affairs.

36. Stay a volunteer

There are many people and organizations that need your help. A place for applying your efforts can be searched on city forums and in social networks.

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37. Disassemble the documents

It often happens that important papers – passports, all kinds of certificates, credit and deposit agreements – a heap are stored in one box. Simply because their owner does not have time to organize a document space.

Hooray! At this weekend, you have! Put up the order in the documents by decomposing them in separate folders and files.

38. Detail some kind of meditation technique

Meditation helps “clear consciousness”, relieve stress, learn to realize and appreciate the current moment of life.

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39. Go in for sports

For example, jump on a rope for exactly five minutes, and then stand in the bar for a minute. Promise yourself to repeat this complex (or any other set of exercises that you choose) tomorrow. Let it become one of your habits.

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40. Take a bike or swim

Of course, for this you should have your own great or a reservoir nearby (and, of course, summer outside the window). But suddenly?

41. Go where your eyes look

In the literal sense: leave the house and follow the path that your gaze has fallen and which seems the most attractive. We often do not notice the lots of interesting things only for the reason that we walk only on familiar familiar paths. Destroy this stereotype.

42. Travel with Google Maps

Look into the countries and on the coasts that have already been. Find your hotel. View prices and territories near hotels nearby. Track where the road unknown to you leads and what the beach looks like, which you never got. Look at Sri Lanka. Or in Japan. Or find Stonehenge. The study of the world can be so exciting that you can easily spend a few hours.

43. Get yourself spa treatments

Or just take a long, long bath with aromatic oils.

44. Watch several seasons of the series, to which everyone did not reach

Maybe you missed the “Game of Thrones”, or “The World of the Wild West”, or “House Card”? You have a chance to enjoy the adventures of the heroes, not tormented by a tedious expectation between the series.

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45. Study the starry sky

Spend the bright time of the day on the preparation: Download applications with information about celestial bodies and galaxies, estimate where you can find a secluded place far from too bright lamps. And in the evening go to the park or to the stadium, lay out the rug, go to your back and look at the sky. This exercise helps to understand how great and beautiful the universe around us is and how, in fact, our earthly problems are ridiculous.

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