A simple humus recipe that will preserve your health

A simple humus recipe that will preserve your health

You will need a regular blender and a little patience.

Scientists recommend eating 1.5 cups of legumes per week, that is, 3 tablespoons of Humus per day. This will help to remain slim, avoid problems with the cardiovascular system and intestines.

What is Humus made of

Classic Humus is prepared from boiled chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, spices and tahini (sesame paste). Chickpeas can be taken and canned. This, of course, is faster, but the taste and aroma of the finished dish will differ from the original.


  • 200 g of dry chickpeas;
  • salt – to taste;
  • 4 tablespoons of Tahini (you can buy or make it yourself, you will find a recipe just below);
  • 1 lemon;
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil;
  • ¼ –½ teaspoon of ground zira.

What else can be added to Humus

The taste of the classic humus can diversify:

  • garlic;
  • greens (dill, parsley, cilantro, spinach, basil, estoron);
  • any type of cheese;
  • avocado;
  • chilli;
  • olives;
  • dried tomatoes;
  • yogurt;
  • Various spices (ground black pepper, ground coriander, dried ginger, oregano, paprika and so on).

Additional ingredients are mixed in a blender with basic until a homogeneous thick consistency.

How to cook Humus

1. How to cook chickpeas

Soak the chickpeas in cold water for the night or at least 8 hours. Water should be higher than chickpeas for a few centimeters.

Drain the water and rinse the chickpeas well. Pour it with clean water and cook over low heat for 1.5–2 hours, until the grains are soft. 10 minutes before the end of cooking add a little salt.

Well -welded chickpeas should easily choose when pressed.

A simple humus recipe that will preserve your health

Pour the fluid in which the chickpeas cooked in another container. Pour chickpeas with cool water and, rubbing it with your fingers, clean it from the husk. Then gently drain the liquid with the husk.

A simple humus recipe that will preserve your health

This step can be skipped, but without a husk, the consistency of Humus will be more homogeneous. It will not affect in any way.

2. How to make Tahini

Sestern paste can be bought, but it can be difficult to find. But cooking it is not at all difficult.


  • 80 g of sesame seeds;
  • 1 tablespoon of sesame or olive oil;
  • Salt is optional.


Put the sesame seeds on a preheated pan and fry, stirring periodically, over medium heat until a slightly golden color.

Grind the cooled seeds in a blender, add oil and salt and continue to beat until a homogeneous state. You should get a slightly liquid pasta.

A simple humus recipe that will preserve your health

3. How to cook Humus

Put the tahini in the blender, add the juice of the whole lemon, olive oil, salt and zira and slightly beat. Beating first tahini, you make sesame paste more cream. Then add an chickpe in parts and beat with a blender until a homogeneous consistency.

In the process, add a little liquid in which the chickpeas cooked. You should get a thick cream pasta. It can be salted to taste.

A simple humus recipe that will preserve your health

How to store Humus

Humus can be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator for no more than a week. And in the freezer it can lie no longer than a month.

What is Humus eat with

The traditional supply of this snack looks like this: Humus is laid out on a serving dish, watered with a small amount of olive oil and sprinkled with paprika. You can decorate with humus nuts or chopped greens.

Then, in a humus, the Pete chopped by triangles is dipped – a flat round cake. But ordinary bread or even simple crackers is suitable.

A simple humus recipe that will preserve your health

Marco Verch/Flickr.Com

There are other ways to use this dish. Vegetables are dripping in humus, it is smeared on a lavash or tortilla before adding the filling or supplied to the meat as a sauce, added to the paste and even stuffed eggs.

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