Fried dumplings with sour cream and herbs

If you are tired of simple boiled dumplings, try to fry them in a pan. They will have a delicious rosy crust, and sour cream sauce will make them more juicy.

Cooking time

Total 25 min.The number of servings2


Vegetable oil3 tbsp. Poluzhpelmeni 20-30 plugs1 glassop¹⁄₄ Puchkasmetana100 Gpetrushko to taste


  1. Heat the pan, pour in vegetable oil.
  2. Pour dumplings there, leaving a small space between them.
  3. Fry dumplings on both sides until golden crust.
  4. Add water and chopped dill and simmer for 5 minutes.
  5. Put almost the entire sour cream in the pan and mix.
  6. Cook over a moderate heat until the water is almost complete, stirring regularly so that the dumplings do not get drunk.
  7. After that, cook for several minutes on very low heat.
  8. Sprinkle dumplings with parsley before serving and add the remaining sour cream.

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