Salad “Male Caprice” with beef: Classic recipe

A successful combination of beef, eggs, cheese and tart pickled onions.

Cooking time

Total1 h. 30 min.Active

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20 minutes.The number of servings6


Beef 300-350 gyaits3-4 plastered onions1 plaster100 mlivine vinegar st. spoon -hut. Spoom Sahar⅓ h. spoon -hawk100–150 gmeioneso tastes without bone tastes


  1. Boil the beef in about 1 hour, eggs – in 10 minutes.

    How and how much to cook beef

    How and how much to cook hardly boiled

  2. Cut the onions with quarters of rings or smaller. Add water, vinegar, salt and sugar. Mix and leave for 10-15 minutes. After drain the liquid.
  3. Cut the beef in small pieces. Grate cheese and eggs on a large grater.
  4. Put on the dish in layers half of meat with onions, eggs, cheese. After each layer, make a mesh of mayonnaise. Repeat the layers again, only leave the top simply cheese, without mayonnaise.

    The salad can be made flat or in the form of a c1.

  5. Decorate the salad with halves of olives.

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