Tartlets with cheese for the New Year: Recipe

Christmas trees from cucumbers and bell pepper make this simple snack of truly festive.

Cooking time

Total 20 min.Active

(your participation is required)

20 minutes.The number of servings6


Red Bulgarian pepper1 – 2 clusseen -tasty cheese200–250 gsolpo taste 6–8 plastered Ikhratniy Taste Cucumber


  1. Finely chop up about half of the pepper. Grind garlic and herbs. Mix with cottage cheese and salt.
  2. Fill the tartlets with the resulting cheese mass. Put the caviar on top.
  3. From the remaining pepper, cut the stars according to the number of tartlets.
  4. Cut the cucumber along the thin strips. The easiest way to do it as a vegetable cleaner. There should be as many strips as tartlets.
  5. Fold one strip with an accordion so that it turns out in the shape of a Christmas tree, that is, extended down.
  6. Fix the cucumber with a toothpick, insert the star from the narrow upper side. Stuck the bottom of the skewer into the cheese.
  7. In the same way, decorate the rest of the tartlets. Add herbs on top.

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