Vegan pancakes without eggs and milk

Pancakes are not always milk, kefir and eggs. They can be prepared in a different way.

Cooking time

Total 35 min.The number of servings4


Water2 cups sugar1 st. spoonylimous acid1 h. spoon1½ glasses. tablespoons vegetable oil50 ml


  1. Dissolve sugar and citric acid in water. Pour the flour in small portions, stirring constantly until there are lumps left. Slue to taste.
  2. Add soda and butter, let stand at least 10 minutes. The dough is ready. If you want sweeter pancakes, you can pour more sugar.

    You can also add a little cocoa powder and get chocolate pancakes.

  3. Fry pancakes over medium heat until blurred on both sides.

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