Wine from pears

Different varieties of pears are suitable for this recipe. In any case, the drink will be pleasant to taste.

Cooking time

Total 80 d.Active

(your participation is required)

1 h.The number of servings10


Pears10 kgsahar5 kgvoda15 llimonic acid100 g of raisins20–80 g


  1. Sort pears, but don’t wash. Just wipe the most dirty.
  2. Cut the fruits into half and remove the seeds. Grind softness in a meat grinder to get puree.
  3. Put the puree in dishes with a wide throat, add 3 kg of sugar, cold water, citric acid and raisins.
  4. Cover with gauze and leave in a dark place at a temperature of 18–25 ° C. Stir several times a day with a wooden spatula.
  5. In about a day, the fermentation process will begin: foam will appear on the surface, and the smell will become sour.
  6. When this happens, strain the entire mass through a gauze folded several times, squeeze well every time.
  7. Pour the liquid into clean glass containers. Make sure that they are more filled than on ⅔.
  8. Close the vessels with hydraulic planters or use ordinary medical gloves with a punctured finger, fixing them with an elastic band.
  9. Leave wine again in a dark place. After 5 days, through a tube of about 500 ml of juice, dissolve a kilogram of sugar in it and return back.
  10. After another 5 days, add the remaining sugar in the liquid in the same way.
  11. After 30-60 days, scatter the wine, try not to affect the sediment at the bottom. Use a thin tube, for example from a dropper. Put one end into a container with wine, the other is directed into a clean bottle.

    Express the wine only after the glove is blown away, and the hydraulic recovery will stop letting bubbles.

  12. Leave wine in a dark room with a temperature of not higher than 15 ° C for 3-6 months.
  13. Approximately every 15-20 days or less often pour wine into another container to filter.
  14. Pour the finished wine from pears into bottles and clog with plugs.

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