10 people seriously affected by memes

10 people seriously affected by memes

The word “meme” in the meaning of the unit of cultural information transmitted by one person to another appeared in 1976. It even laid the foundation for the whole science – memeutics. And today we most often call memes some funny and viral picture on the Internet.

If someone is lucky to create a picture that has become a meme, he can consider himself a successful person. For the time being, for the time. After all, it can happen that the new Internet meme will offend someone’s feelings. Then before the trial, or even before the prison, is not far from.

Russian guy was arrested because of memes with Jesus

After the performance of the punk rock of the Pussy Riot group with a punk young in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the Criminal Code, a new article appeared-148. The people quickly christened her article for insulting the feelings of believers. Barnaul Daniil Markin fell under this article. One far from great day, the police outfit came to his apartment with a search. On the reasonable question what is happening, the police stated that they came due to the memes placed by Daniel on VKontakte. The application for Markin was submitted by two students who considered his memes on social networks offensive.

10 people seriously affected by memesDaniil Markin. Photo: VK.Com

Among the preserved photographs of Markin, memes on religious topics were discovered. For example, a photo of the character of the series “Game of Thrones” by John Snow with a halo above his head and the inscription “John Snow Risen! Verily risen!”. There were other offensive memes, but there were only about ten of them. However, this did not prevent the investigation from accusing the young man under the 148 and 282 article on inciting extremism.

After the information about the criminal case for repost has leaked to the network, the 282nd people quickly renamed the “article for repost”. The charge under the 148 article was removed from Daniel, but 282 left. The young man was included in the list of extremists and terrorists, now he cannot use the bank account and go abroad. Under 282, another resident of Altai-Maria Motuznaya fell due to memes.

The Russian girl was almost imprisoned for the repost meme

The case of Maria Motuznaya had a great public resonance. She, like Daniil Markin, was accused of insulting the feelings of believers. By the way, the same two students did this. On the Motuznaya page on the social network, a meme was found with four smoking nuns and the inscription “Faster until God sees!”. We also found a picture with black children holding empty plates, and the inscription “Black humor, like food, does not reach everyone”. The girl was threatened by a real prison term for memes if she would not agree to admit her guilt.

10 people seriously affected by memesMaria Motuznaya. Photo: Vlad Dokshin / “New Gazeta”

Like Markin, the motorcycle was included in the list of extremists, taking, moreover, a subscription about the lower wizard. However, at the first meeting, the girl ensured that her case was considered in a special order. As a result, in the 282 article they made an amendment on its partial decriminalization. Thanks to this, accusations under the article for memes with motorcycle were removed and excluded from the list of extremists. Today the motive lives in Lithuania and everything is in order with her. Unlike another Russian who can be placed in a psychiatric hospital due to a meme.

A man can get into a psychiatric hospital due to a retired image

10 people seriously affected by memesAndrey Shasherin

Andrei Shasherin, who placed a meme with Patriarch Kirill on his social network, was arrested in 2018. On this meme, the Patriarch Kirill Jesus standing behind Patriarch Kirill asks if he will tell him the time, to which the priest sends him in a rude form. The meme hints at the photograph of the patriarch, on the hand of which a very expensive watch flaunts. This photo, by the way, caused a wave of indignation of the wealth of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. The image was promptly retouched, the clock from the patriarch’s hand disappeared. But remained in reflection on the polished surface of the table.

The verdict and term for repost of the meme about the watch of Patriarch Shasherin is not yet defined. But after a psychiatric examination conducted, they want to place him in a mental hospital for a month. Schausherin himself states that the examination was carried out with violations and is going to appeal to the court. The Italian, who suffered due to the meme, filed an application with the court, but this did not lead to anything good.

10 people seriously affected by memesMemes from the case of Andrei Shasherin

Italian committed suicide after the video with her became a meme

In the spring of 2015, Titian Kantona, along with her young man, shot “Homemade Video”. With his appearance, a piquant video owes the girl’s desire to take revenge on her former. It was she who sent him a video to show how good she was without him. The abandoned boyfriend failed to save the intimate video of the ex -girlfriend – the video leaked to the network. And the girl’s face became an Internet meme.

10 people seriously affected by memesTitian Canton

Some of the viewing videos caught a stop frame with a smiling canton and attributed the phrase to him: “You have already started shooting? Fine”. The meme quickly became popular, they even began to release clothes with it. Soon someone recognized Titian on Meme, and they began to literally poison it on social networks and offer to provide an intimate service. She had to move to the other end of the country and change her name, but this did not help.

Then Titian sued some large sites demanding to remove all videos, as well as offensive memes with her. The girl won only one process, but the paid monetary compensation did not satisfy her. In 2016, Canton performed suicide, not taking out bad fame due to the idiotic meme. But the models of Heydi Ye was a little more: the offensive meme “just” buried her career.

The destroyed career of the model due to the meme

Heydi Ye was a rather popular model in Taiwan until the advertisement with her became a meme. Ye starred to advertise one clinic of plastic surgery. Near the beauty they were placed not so attractive children and her husband, but the signature for the poster read: “The only thing you will worry about is how to explain this to your children”. According to marketers, Ye transferred plastic surgery to become beautiful. After the release, advertising quickly became an Internet meme.

10 people seriously affected by memesHeydi Ye

The picture with Heidi and supposedly her ugly children and her husband bought another clinic of plastic surgery, and this violated the contract with the model. And Internet users quickly came up with the story that the man married a beautiful girl, not knowing that she had done operations. The secret allegedly revealed after they had ugly children. Heydi Ye immediately became an object of ridicule, they stopped inviting her for filming and to other model agencies.

The doctor suffered due to the comparison of the President with Gollum

In 2015, the doctor Bilgin Chiefti posted a funny picture on his twitter. On it, he compared Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan with the character of the film “Lord of the Rings” Gollum. After that, the doctors were fired from work and sued him for slander. Chiefti almost got into jail for two years, but Peter Jackson helped him.

10 people seriously affected by memes

The judge, who analyzes the case of Chief, could not make the decision whether the meme about Erdogan is offensive. He appointed an examination during which the experts had to find out whether it was whether it was or not. At the same time, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh addressed the judge that the meme did not insult the president at all.

As you know, Gollum has two hypostasis: good smoagol and evil Gollum. And in the picture-comparison, it was Smeagol that depicted. So, thanks to the intervention of the director KinoSaga Chifi, it was fully justified. He hopes for an excuse and Thai, who threatens 37 years in prison … for an offensive meme about a dog!

A huge term for memes about the royal dog

According to the laws of Thailand, the king and his family are considered inviolable and sacred. Those who at least somehow offend the royal family threaten up to 60 years in prison. Half of this period can shine a simple Thai hard worker Tanacorn Siripaybun, who posted an offensive meme in 2016 about the beloved dog of King Phumipon Adulyadet. Yes, yes, the dog is also a full member of the king’s family.

It is not known exactly which meme laid out Tanacorn, the Thailand authorities do not disclose this information. But the worker is accused of insulting power and incitement to overthrow the current government. The current King of Thailand Mach Vachiralolongcorn, the son of Phumipon, is outraged by a meme to the core. And the dog of King Phumipon herself did not comment on the situation. The real term for the meme that offends those in power shines one Chinese artist.

To prison – for a meme about the Supreme Leader of China

10 people seriously affected by memes

Do not like bullying on the images of the ruling elite and in China. So, in 2015, the artist Dai Zanyun was arrested for the Internet meme, in which he compared the face of Xi Jinping with the anus, calling him a “chrysanthemous face”.

Indeed, on the meme, the face of the chairman of the PRC is depicted with tightly compressed eyes, remotely similar to the anus, called on the slang of “chrysanthemum”. In addition, let Znyun reconciled the chairman of the mustache, similar to Hitler’s mustache. The authorities of Shanghai brought the artist the accusations of insulting power and provoking problems and enmity. Because of this, he may well go to jail for five years if his fault is proved. Like a teenager from the USA.

A teenager was arrested for a meme about arrows

In 1999, at the Columbine school, two teenagers opened firing at their classmates. As a result, 13 people were killed and about 20 wounded. The arrows themselves after all this shot. They did not forget about this tragedy, and a new reminder of it appeared in 2018.

American schoolboy Jeffrey Nash placed on the page of his school an image of two people with weapons and the signature “Columbine arrows already on the way”. Jeffrey was quickly learned about this sinister Internet meme at the native school and immediately closed it. Nash tried to cover the tracks and put everything in such a way that the teacher laid out the meme, but nothing came of it. The schoolboy was quickly calculated by IP addresses and arrested, entering the police station. By the way, another story about the deadline for memes is connected with the police station and memes.

Racist meme laid out by the deputy sheriff

In October 2018, a terrible scandal erupted in a small town of Portredge in Wisconsin. His main character was Deputy Sheriff Daniel Contos, who posted an offensive meme on the site page. He made fun of police officers to dictate long and difficult to write names. On a meme with the image of the dispatcher listening to the officer, it was written: “Dict. Surname – Smith (Smith). According to: Sam, Mary, Ida, Tom, Henry. Name – Taweneequa (Taweneequa). Well, let’s say “. The Internet meme seemed to many racist because of the last name.

10 people seriously affected by memes

The thing is that the name of Taunika is most common among African American families. Of course, the fact that it was mentioned in Meme caused indignation. The office himself replied that he had nothing in mind and took this name because it was really difficult for writing. In addition, the officer added that all this is just stupid, and refused to ask for forgiveness for the meme. Later the picture from the page of the site was deleted.

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