10 unexpected facts about the urine

10 unexpected facts about the urine

10 unexpected facts about the urine

Urine is just a product of the excretory system of our body, nothing more. However, many peoples throughout history found the urine a diverse useful (and often nasty) use. Here are 10 facts about the urine and its non -standard use.

1. Pashtuns (Iranian people, inhabiting mainly southeast, south and south-west of Afghanistan and north-west of Pakistan) used urine for torture. The man was tied to a pillar and held his mouth open, while the women urinated him in his mouth until he was choked. This type of execution, along with other, no less disgusting, Pashtuns loved to use in relation to prisoners of war, for example, British invaders.

2. Koryaks (nationality living in Siberia) uses red fly agaric as psychoactive substances. Moreover, alkaloids of fly agarics remain active and in the urine of human mushrooms. So urine often starts to “re -processing”, since it is much easier to get it than mushrooms.

3. In France, stockings soaked in the urine were wrapped in the throat to cure streptococcal infection.

4. In the 17th century, the same Frenchmen took baths from urine for cosmetic purposes: it was believed that it rejuvenates and tones the skin.

5. In ancient practices of yogis, it was considered useful to drink morning urine, as this supposedly contributed to the development of a meditative state. Perhaps this has a scientific basis, since urine contains melatonin, which can positively affect the state of meditation. However, in the urine it is present in an inactive form. Perhaps the use of urine as drinking activates melatonin again.

6. There is a theory proposed in the article dated May 7, 1996 by the Institute of Theoretical Medicine, that regular drinking of own urine reduces the risk of cancer, since it contains antigens that, when entering the body, help strengthen the immune system. However, this theory has not been convincingly proved.

7. Madonna once said that she cured Mikoz (fungal legs), with the help of gripping urine. And Sarah Miles, a British actress, said that she drank her urine for 30 years, as she felt a positive effect for her health.

8. In the ancient Roman critical poem, the practice of brushing your teeth is mentioned: “Egonatius therefore smiles all the time and shows his teeth, which is probably too much urine in it”.

9. Drink urine instead of water, for example, being in a dry area without access to water, it is dangerous and unauthorized due to the high content of sodium in it. It contributes to the fact that some time after drinking urine, you will feel an even stronger thirst. Therefore, most survival guidelines prohibit drinking their urine in such a situation, even if it is the only liquid available to you.

10. If for some reason you still want to drink urine, then it is better to drink “median” urine, that is, pre-draining a little. This “first portion” will take with it all possible pollution from the urethra, and you will receive absolutely sterile urine.

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