1000 tickets as a gift from the tablet, divorce or truth? The winnings are paid?

A letter from the sender ‘Stoloto’ came to the mail – which said that they gave me one free lottery ticket and I crossed the link.

To be honest, I believed and began to wait for the results, as the draw began almost immediately. Go nuts… I won more than two hundred thousand rubles, but then I immediately thought. This is true! To get my win, I need to pay the fee – a little more than 300 Here everything cleared up – the divorce of pure water! Do not buy and check the site address!

That they will not come up with and what kind of tricks the scammers will not go to. Carefully check the resource address from which such a letter of happiness has come, and then compare the information from the official site. Stoloto does not give out tickets for free, she sells them and you can do it both on the official website and in the appendix. Such letters came to many and judging by the reviews, then you should not even spend your time on the content of such a letter.

Even at the address it becomes clear that this site has nothing to do with the site ‘table’. Take a look at the address and understand everything, definitely this is a divorce. Do not believe the information posted on such sites, and in Edidial in general to immediately leave such a resource. Naturally, no one will receive any tickets or your ‘winnings’, so do not waste your time on scammers.

I can say with one hundred percent confidence that this scheme is fraudulent and has nothing to do with the lottery.

The task of the scammers, first encouraging a person, pretending that he won, and then, under the pretext of the state duty to rob him.

Of course there was no giggency, there is no and cannot be.

This type of fraud has been for many years, but unfortunately gullible and naive people have been, is and will be…

In this case, a proverb about free cheese in a mousetrap is appropriate than ever.

This is a divorce, there is no doubt about the appropriateness of this resource to assign a black mark. Be sharply, do not go to the tricks of the scammers, since there is a calculation that the winnings fall out to everyone at the same ticket, but no one will receive it. But from each participant, scammers will receive 300 And positive reviews are scribbled by scammers for themselves, these are false responses to attract people.

Of course scammers, and this can be seen with the naked look. Look for a start at the address of the site and you will see that this is not a real resource and this site has nothing to do with the Russian lotto.

If you read user reviews on the Internet, it becomes clear that this site scammers.

I also very much doubted that it was the truth when I tried to participate and won a large amount on such a left resource. They have so many people’s reviews on their site that the money won has reached them. This is that bots, and not people or scammers themselves, impersonate people who won people to convince doubts? It is necessary to block such sites where scammers are operating, so that gullible citizens who love freebies do not come across their tricks!

Naturally, these are scammers! And at best they will ask to transfer the “tax” to win… I am surprised how such sites still work, every year the same thing. All current shares are posted only on the official website of the “Stoloto”, purchase tickets, you can get as a gift only there!! Never believe the enamel with newsletters and other unreliable sources (this is one of the methods of searching for “suckers”)!!!

Almost led out for this divorce. It turned out that the scammers read here. They were greatly disguised – and their site was checked by Kaspersky, and good reviews. But, which was alerted is that they ask for data from a bank card and payment of the commission.

You are absolutely right ‘deception leads to the coffin’, and this is at best – for starters. And then they also become vegetables, and then, over time, children run and ask for the sky ‘for what’

Hi all! but I got caught..translated about 10 mowers…Hahaha.Den­BGI received by deception lead only to prison and coffin.May they and their children suppress

The same ticket is sent to everyone, and naturally he wins! Although only scammers who receive these cards remain in the winnings

Even the numbers are the same. And the winnings are very good 1000 tickets as a gift from the tablet, divorce or truth? The winnings are paid?

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