24 facts about horses

24 facts about horses

24 facts about horses

We bring to your attention a selection of interesting facts about horses.

1. The first horse of the first horse, zoologists called EOOGIPPUS (Dawn Horse). She was tiny: weighing a little more than 5 kilograms and a height of 35 cm. The eogippus had four fingers on the front legs and three on the rear.

2. Horses that are considered wild today, are actually feral. For example, Mustangs are actually descendants of horses, who were brought to America, Spaniards in the 16th century. The only really confused horse view is an Asian wild horse.

3. Before domestication 4000 years ago BC, in the Middle and Far East, they hunted and sacrificed to the gods and often placed in the burial with the deceased. In the Caucasus, horses were sacrificed until the beginning of the 19th century.

4. The famous horse associations with the owner, which entered the world history, include Alexander the Great and Legendary Bucephalus, El Sid (Hero of the Spanish Reconkista) and his woman, Napoleon and Marengo (named after the battle). Marengo’s skeleton for a long time was an exhibit of one of the museums in London.

24 facts about horses

5. Horse age indicator is her teeth. Blessed Jerome in the 4th century, who never took money for his books, launched a famous expression into circulation, not advising to inspect the teeth of a horse brought as a gift.

6. Although horses mainly live only 25-30 years, there is a written evidence that one of them lived 62 years. It was the “old Billy” that was born in England and was a dragging horse. The first year of the life of the horse can be compared with the 12 years of human life, the second – we compare with the 7 years. The next three years are more than twelve, and by each subsequent year you can add 2.5 human years. This means that the old Billy lived 173.5 years in this recount.

7. The horse’s eyes are greater than most other animals, and they can move independently of each other, allowing the horse to cover only a superficial panoramic look. Since the lens of the eye remains unchanged, the horse can concentrate on the image, only turning the head so that the straight rays of light fall into the central part of the retina. Horses can also see in color.

8. The horse has an exceptional sense of smell, which helps to smell the nervousness of the horseman, and in the old days the hosts of a difficult horse -made horse lubricated their hands with aromatic liquid. Horses are also very nervous from the smell of blood.

9. In the world there are about 160 clearly expressed species and breeds of horses, but the breed of the Arab horse is the cleanest and most unique.

24 facts about horses

10. The Persians were wonderful riders and they dominated the East in many ways thanks to the lower horse – the “super -leosed” antiquity. The horse was a status symbol of the Persian Empire, and only the aristocrats had the right to possess it. The horses of the Persians were also used to play the early forms of Polo.

11. They say that Islam was “based on the prints of the hooves of the Arab horse” and the care of the horse was even included in the Holy Hadis. The Prophet Muhammad went down to the ground in a fiery ring on a creature similar to a horse.

12. The goddess of fertility Demeter had a black mare’s head in one of her images, and her priestesses were considered her “foals”.

13. White horses sometimes drowned at sea as victims by Poseidon, the creator of horses and the god of the seas.

14. Hindus associated a horse with space, and the white horse was considered the last embodiment of God Vishnu.

24 facts about horses

15. In the literature, art and theory of sleep, a horse is often a symbol of various meanings, from power over beauty and ending with sexual art. The suit of the horse is also symbolic: black is mystery and danger;White – harbinger of the emergence of a new life. The Bible describes the colors of the horses of the riders of the apocalypse: white, red, black and “pale”.

16. Some horses are able to learn how to open the doors to other horses and release them into the wild.

17. Horses are able to distinguish between emotions in the human voice.

18. The horse’s sleep can be divided into two types: “short wave sleep” and “quick eye movements”, so it is likely that they see dreams. They have enough four hours of sleep per day, and they can sleep standing, thanks to a special arrangement of the blocked joints.

19. Horses love music, but their taste is selective. They prefer soothing or inspiring instrumental music, but are annoyed from loud rock.

24 facts about horses

20. The hoof of the horse is an extremely complex and sensitive organ. . Thus, the hoof plays the role of the circulation pump.

21. In the herd, one floor usually does not dominate the other;For example, a female can sometimes be quoted higher than a male, and in other cases, everything happens the other way around.

22. The name of the marks on the heads of horses usually depends on their location and size and includes the following epithets: spark, star and flap.

23. Although the word “hippopotamus” means “river horse” hippo is a closer relative of a pig than a horse.

24. There are many “crazy” horse laws in America, including one of the laws of the state of Utah, according to which an unmarried woman can be imprisoned riding a horse on Sunday. And in some states a newly -made husband cannot ride a horse alone, until he is married for more than twelve months.

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