25 short facts about the great and terrible Genghis Khan

25 short facts about the great and terrible Genghis Khan

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1. Blood clot in the hand at birth – a sign of greatness

According to legend, Genghis Khan was born, holding a clot of blood in a fist, which predicted him the fate of the great ruler.

25 short facts about the great and terrible Genghis Khan

2. This was what Genghis Khan looked like

He was tall, red -haired, with green eyes and wore a long beard.

3. Genghis Khan by 50% European, by 50% – Asian

Such an unusual appearance was due to the unique mixture of Asian and European genes.

4. Mongolia quickly expanded its territories

Genghis Khan created the Mongol Empire, uniting scattered tribes in the territory from China to Russia.

5. The Mongol Empire went down in history

His empire has become the largest united state in history. She extended on the territory from the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Europe.

25 short facts about the great and terrible Genghis Khan

6. Genghis Khan left a huge offspring

Genghis Khan believed that the larger a person has offspring, the more significant he is. There were several thousand women in his harem, and many of them gave birth to children from him.

7. About 8% of Asian men are the descendants of Genghis Khan

Genetic studies have shown that about 8% of Asian men in Y chromosomes have Genghis Khan genes as a result of his sexual exploits.

8. The Mongolian army was not sorry for anyone

Some of the campaigns of Genghis Khan ended in the complete destruction of the entire population or tribe, even women and children.

9. On the conscience of Genghis Khan of death 40 million people

According to the research of individual scientists, Genghis Khan is guilty of the death of more than 40 million people.

10. Nobody knows where the grave of Genghis Khan

11. According to some reports, the grave of Genghis Khan is flooded by the river

Presumably, he demanded that his grave be flooded by the river, so that no one could disturb her.

12. Temuchin – real name Genghis Khan

At birth, he was called Temuchin – it was the name of the military leader whom his father won.

13. Genghis Khan from an early age was considered heartless

At 10, he killed one of his brothers, fighting for the prey that they brought together from hunting.

25 short facts about the great and terrible Genghis Khan

14. It was known that Genghis Khan was captured

At the age of 15, Genghis Khan was captured and fled, which subsequently brought him recognition.

15. The future wife was chosen at 9 years old

He was nine when he met his future wife Borte. His father chose the bride.

16. At 16, Genghis Khan married

They got married at 16, thus holding out the unification of two tribes.

17. Genghis Khan and Empress Borte

Although Genghis Khan had many concubines, the Empress still left the side.

18. Genghis Khan did not like when they steal

When one of the tribes abducted his wife, Genghis Khan became furious and began to exterminate his enemies.

19. The peoples understood the greatness of the Horde and paid tribute

Many peoples swore allegiance to Temuchin, and he became their ruler, or khan. Then he changed his name to Genghis, which means “right”.

25 short facts about the great and terrible Genghis Khan

20. The army of Genghis Khan expanded due to prisoners

He replenished the ranks of his army with captives from the tribes won by him, and thus his army grew up.

21. Genghis Khan adhered to the rule “In war, all methods are good

Genghis Khan used numerous “dirty” methods, did not shy away with espionage and built a cunning military tactic.

22. Genghis Khan brutally took revenge for his close associates

When the Persians beheaded the Mongol ambassador, Genghis became furious and destroyed 90% of their people.

23. Iranians still see Genghis Khan in terrible dreams

According to some estimates, the population of Iran (former Persia) until the 1900s could not reach the pre-Mongol level.

24. If desired, Genghis Khan did not leave a dust from the captured earth

Some historians call Genghis Khan the father of the “scorched land”, that is, such military technologies that can destroy almost any trace of civilization.

25. Genghis Khan killed everyone who did not want to submit

If any city did not want to obey the power of the Great Khan, he cut out all its inhabitants.

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