3 products that can kill your cat

3 products that can kill your cat

3 products that can kill your cat

It is difficult to resist the silent face of a fluffy beggar, so to cats often falls from human food. However, it is worth remembering that not all products are useful for cats. Some can cause severe allergies and lead to death.


Give a cat to try grapes is not the best idea. It has many useful elements for humans, but for cats they have no nutritious value. And a large portion of grapes or raisins (about one handful) can even lead to the development of renal failure in the animal. The first symptoms in the form of vomiting appear within 12 hours, others – diarrhea, reduction of appetite, decrease in urination – within 24 hours. And prolonged ignoring these symptoms can lead to sad consequences. In addition, cats have allergies to some products, including grapes. Veterinarians do not know exactly how the grapes are so dangerous for cats and why it causes renal failure of them so quickly. Therefore, it is better not to risk it and not let the pet with raisins or grapes try.


Chocolate contains caffeine and alkaloid therapy, which is extremely harmful to cats. The higher the cocoa content in chocolate, the more dangerous for animals. Problems with the well -being of a cat weighing about five kilograms can provoke only 20 grams of dark chocolate with 85% cocoa content – this is about four squares of chocolate. If the cat eats them for a short time, then it can happen diarrhea, vomiting and cramps. In the worst case, an excess of theobrom leads to a heart attack, coma and death. Remember that cats do not need to raise moods through eaten chocolate, and do not share it with them.


Onions in any form, be it raw, boiled, fried or dried powder, can cause irreparable harm to your cat. The dangerous dose is very small – only five grams per kilogram of animal w8. That is, if your cat weighs five kilograms, then he can harm 25 grams of onions. In the bow there are disulfides and thiosulfates that are toxic for cats. Once in the body, they cause damage to red blood cells, which in turn leads to anemia. Its most striking symptom is a change in the color of the gums of a cat, they become more pale. Also, with onion poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea occur in cats, and with the development of anemia – shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat. Garlic, by the way, is also dangerous, so keep it with the bow in an inaccessible place for the cat.

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