7 facts about saliva – an indispensable and unique substance, without which we cannot do

7 facts about saliva – an indispensable and unique substance, without which we cannot do

Let’s look into our mouths and consider it more closely how arranged and why our salivary glands are needed.

7 facts about saliva – an indispensable and unique substance, without which we cannot doPhoto: Alexander Palatovsky / Depositphotos

1. The oral cavity is the entrance to the intestinal tube, which stretches through the entire body and expands in some places. For example, such an extension is a stomach that is actually not a bag at all, as we are used to thinking, but part of the intestinal pipe. The mouth – a flipper – a lady – a tone intestine – a fat intestine – output – so it is simplified to imagine the digestive system of a person. We need all of it for the main goal – the assimilation of nutrients obtained from the outside world.

2. On the inside of the cheeks, strictly opposite the upper dentition, you can find small tubercles with your tongue (try to do it right now). These are cheek salivary glands that produce saliva when food enters the mouth. And under the tongue, on the sides of the bridle of the tongue, there are hyoid salivary glands. They release saliva continuously throughout the day. Our body produces about a liter and a half saliva per day.

3. What is saliva? This is blood, devoid of red blood cells and saturated with the necessary substances, such as calcium, hormones and immune antibodies. The composition of the saliva of each person is individual, like fingerprints.

4. The main task of saliva is to preserve the health of the teeth, therefore it contains mucin, mucous substance, which, as a network, captures harmful microbes and sends them to the stomach, where they die in an acidic environment. In addition, there is a lot of calcium in saliva, designed to restore dental enamel.

Unfortunately, calcium is not just a lot, but a lot, as a result of which excesses are deposited on the teeth and form a toothst1. If you do not remove the stone from time to time, it will poorly affect the condition of the teeth, since bacteria causing caries are attached to it much stronger than enamel.

5. The saliva also contains an opiiorfin – a powerful analgesic substance, much stronger in effect than morphine. We need opiorfin because the oral cavity contains the largest number of nerve endings in our body. Small wounds, scratches on the mucous membrane, minor pain when gnawing solid foods – all this hides opiiorfine from us, improving well -being.

Thanks to the oporhin, as well as the ability of the mucous tissue, we will recover very quickly, we cope with such a nuisance as braces. Read the facts about the braces from the person who carried them for two years.

6. It was noticed that opiiorfin also works as a natural antidepressant. Perhaps it is here that the roots of the habit of some people “seize” stress are lying: thanks to the opiyorfin, we only start to start chewing, as the mood immediately rises.

7. During sleep, the saliva does not stand out. Therefore, in the morning we can torment the unpleasant odor from the mouth, indicating the presence of bacterial life products in the mouth. Having clenched your teeth at night, you will not only wash a bunch of microbes from your mouth, but also remove the remnants of the food that they could feast all night in the absence of mucin.

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