72 hours is how many days?

72 hours is 3 days or 9 working days on a regular five -day.

It is generally accepted that 24 hours in a day. Therefore, to determine the number of days in 72 hours, it is necessary: 72/24 = 3 days.

If you are not interested in the number of days, namely the number of working days, the calculation will be different. The calculation will depend on the number of working hours in the bottom, the work schedule is different. Someone works 8 hours a day, someone 10, someone 12, someone all 24, but at the same time the number of working hours in the week is regulated, therefore, the rest between working days is different. Many work on a five -day, that is, 8 – an hourly working day five days a week. We proceed directly to the calculation of the number of working days on five days: 72/8 = 9 working days.

Everyone knows that it lasts 24 hours a day and it will not be difficult to calculate this task. Everything here is very simple even for a schoolboy. The number of given hours is perfectly divided by 24.

So, we have 72 hours, divide by 24 and get 3 (72: 24 = 3)

You can calculate by subtracting, but this will already be a little more complicated for perception: 72-24 = 48, then 48-24 = 24 and 24-24 = 0.

We draw conclusions that 72 hours is 3 days.

72 hours is how many days?

In this matter, we need to find out how many days (day) in 72 hours. To do this, first remember how many hours in one day. 24 hours a day.

Now we have everything in order to calculate the final result. Now we need the number of hours from the task to multiply by the number of hours on days.

It turns out the following example: 72: 24 = 3. 3 days or as on the task of 3 days and will be our final answer.

The correct answer to this question will be: 72 hours is 3 days.

Knowing how many hours in one day, it’s not difficult to answer your question.

1 full day contains 24 hours, respectively divide the number of hours 72 by 24, we get the number 3.

The answer will be this: 72 hours is 3 days (days).

The elementary question, for the answer to which you just need to know how many hours they contain one day (one day). Since we all know this information, and we know that in a day 24 hours, then our next action will be divided 72 by 24 to get the number of days that contain 72 hours. When dividing, we get the number 3 – this is the correct answer.

Correct answer: 72 hours is 3 days.

To answer this plain question, you do not need to be seven spans in the forehead and there will be enough the initial basic level of education. Or rather, even the first classes of a comprehensive school. My daughter-second-grader, after thinking a little, told me that this is three days.

And if specified, then 72 hours is three days.

The question is quite simple. As you know in one day twenty -four hours. We have a question about seventy -two hours. Through simple mathematical calculations, divide seventy -two by twenty -four and we get 3.

So in 72 (seventy -two) hours 3 (three) days.

Very little time needs to be spent on counting days on which are included at 72 hours, the first thing we will remember how many hours are in a day, there are 24 of them, and then a simple division 72: 24 = 3.

As a result, 72 hours only 3 (three) days.

In fact, calculating everything is easier than it might seem. You need to take 72 hours and divide by 24 hours, since in 1 day – 24 hours and it turns out – 3 days. It is these 3 days that can be spent not to drink and not eat, for example, because a person will be able to survive if he does;). The answer is – 3 days for 72 hours.

72 hours is how many days?

As you know (or at least it is accepted in the vast majority of countries), 24 hours in a day. It is customary for us to call ‘during the day (‘ two days ago ‘,’ in five days’), although this is not entirely correct.

Therefore, 72 hours is 3 days (or 3 days).

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