8 useful tips for girls how to properly distribute their time and keep up with everything

8 useful tips for girls how to properly distribute their time and keep up with everything

8 useful tips for girls how to properly distribute their time and keep up with everything

Surely it seems to many that there are too few hours in a day and everything is simply impossible to catch. In the day to do as much as possible, a time management can help-a technique by which you can plan all your affairs and find time for yourself, and for work, and for children.

8 useful tips for girls how to properly distribute their time and keep up with everything

1. Formulate your goals

It is necessary to give the name to every business that you would like to do. But note that your goal should sound briefly and specifically – for example, “visit the gym” or “buy food products”.

2. Get a notebook

Each occupation is its time. Plan your day. You will spend no more than half an hour on this, but then you will know exactly how much time you should spend on the gym, how much – on cooking, and how many to communicate with your family. Better to paint everything literally by minute. For example:

“09.00 – 09.40. Take the child to school “
“09.40 – 11.20. Training in the gym “.

And so on.

Do not hope for your own memory. Seeing the schedule is much easier and more effective in front of you – so you will know exactly how much time you have in stock and when you need to start the next lesson. Nowadays, there is a convenient diary in almost every phone, but in extreme cases a regular notebook is suitable, which is convenient to carry with you.

3. Separate the tasks

Sometimes one big task is easier to break into several small subtasks. Cooking dinner may include the purchase of products and the process of cooking directly, and communication with the child – developing games and a fairy tale for the night. Enter the subparagraphs into your daily plan – so you will not spend too much time to remember what exactly needed to be d1.

4. Put on order

The order in thoughts is the result of order in the house. If the house is a mess, then you will at least spend time searching for the necessary thing, and in some cases you will also upset, because this time could be spent with greater benefit.

5. Do what you love

Try to find as much time as possible to do it pleasant things for you and include them in your daily plan. Love music – highlight at least a few minutes to listen to it.

6. Do several things at the same time

Paradoxically, but it is possible. There are tasks that do not require a complete concentration. For example, when you drive a car along an unexplored highway – turn on the English tutorial and repeat the words. And get to the place, and increase the vocabulary.

7. Do physical exercises daily ritual

Start the morning with charging – this will give you the necessary charge of vigor and provide you with an excellent mood and energy for the rest of the day. In addition to charging, try to highlight at least another hour for other physical exercises – for example, fitness or evening run. Remember: in a healthy body – a healthy mind.

8. Praise yourself

Rest is no less important than the most responsible job. For each successfully executed point of the plan, reward yourself with a small gift – it can be a cup of coffee in your favorite cafe or pages from your favorite book. So you will cleanse consciousness and prepare yourself for the next case that does not tolerate delay. It is advisable to prescribe such “five -minute” in your notebook to remind yourself that rest is not a manifestation of laziness, and you act in accordance with the plan.

No matter how difficult you have to have, do not forget that it is very important to choose the time to maintain good shape.

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The summer season has come, and time has come to take care of yourself!

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