A story about his small homeland for grade 1, an example, a sample, where to find?

When performing this task, we wrote the following story:

The city in which I was born and live is called Yaroslavl. My dad and mom met in it, and then I appeared. Our city is very large, there are many different interesting places in it. For example, recently my parents and I were in dolphinaria, I really liked it there. We also have a planetarium in which you can learn a lot of interesting things about planets, stars and space. The coat of arms of my homeland looks like this:

A story about his small homeland for grade 1, an example, a sample, where to find?

In this task, you must write about your small homeland, and it is not necessary to take a big city or metropolis, for example, many write about Moscow, just take and tell about your village, about your street, where all such a native. If you live in a small city or village, you can describe residents, describe your native river and open spaces. If you write about the city, then you need to know the information about the population, significant dates, famous personalities who have once lived in it or living now. Also, do not forget to write about school and the garden where you went, what a friendly park or square you have. Describe the architecture where you like to walk. In this story, only your attitude and thoughts should be. To draw your city, you can find an illustration in the book or on the Internet and redraw, or leave the house, go to your favorite playground or to the embankment and draw.

The story about your small homeland implies that you will talk about the place where you were born and live.

An example of such a story:

I live in the city of Penza. It is a small city, which is 600 kilometers from Moscow. More than 500 thousand inhabitants live in the city.

Penza is a beautiful and green city. The main attractions­and our city is a drama theater, a museum of one picture, a picture gallery named after Savitsky.

I like to walk along the street of Moscow, the central street of the city, also go to the park and the zoo. There is very fun and interesting.

You can add drawings or photos of the city to the story.

A story about his small homeland for grade 1, an example, a sample, where to find?

1 class. That a child of this age can say about the homeland in 5-6 sentences?

‘I can call my small homeland the city where I live. My little homeland is connected with the house where dad and mother, grandparents live. Small homeland starts from the threshold of the house and leads to the school, where I study. I study alphabet and mathematics. I am learning to look at the world and see birds, trees, insects that live around.’

In fact, this task is cunning. It requires a joint implementation of it with his parents. After all, parents are also a small homeland, as well as other ancestors. First grader can not write with complex sentences yet. So, parents need to help make brief, but expressive sentences, simultaneously explaining to the baby the concepts. Such as a small homeland, a large homeland – Fatherland.

‘My small homeland is the city of Yekaterinburg. It is very big. Yekaterinburg – beautiful city. This is the historical center of Russia. In our city, scientists, writers and ordinary artisans were born, who became famous throughout the world. I am proud of my small homeland.’Such an example appeared in thoughts.

I must say that even the last paragraph is too great for the baby – a first grader. Or I underestimate modern children, primary school students? I only know that 5-6 offers are enough for a first grader. Simple and understandable to the child. To write like this, you need to return to childhood yourself and remember where and how he lived. What special remembered.

Read the lyrics: ‘where does the homeland begin?…’

Tell us what you mean by the words ‘small homeland’. For me this is the place where the parental house is located. You were born in it, raised, spent your childhood. It happens, of course, that the family moves from one city to another, and in this case it is difficult for the child to decide where his real small homeland. In this case, help him, ask where he was truly happy, where he liked it more, where the best friends were.

In the story, it is advisable to reflect the following points: what are the attractions­and cities – a small homeland (village, village – any settlement) that for people he glorified him. Where the child loves to be the most, whether there are rivers, mountains, forests in his homeland.D.

Here is an example of a finished story:

A story about his small homeland for grade 1, an example, a sample, where to find?

You can draw a village like this: in the middle of the sheet, draw two vertical lines that gradually come closer on the horizon – this is the road. On both sides, draw private houses (standard squares with a triangle-covered). Dilute all this with greens – trees, bushes.

It is better to draw a city with a horizontal street. Draw at home – high rectangles with many windows. By the way, they do not have to be strictly parallel in the children’s drawing.

You can write a story about the city in which you live, or about the village, about the village. Each settlement has its own history and is somewhat interesting. The main thing is to find and choose interesting facts.

My small homeland is the city of Tver. This is a beautiful city located on the river bank, which is called ‘Mother’, on the banks of the Volga River. The city of Tver is the center of the Tver region and now about 425 thousand people live in this city.

Previously, the city was called Kalinin, but in 1990 it was returned to the historical name – Tver. The date of the founding of the city is considered 1135. The city wears the honorary title ‘City of Military Glory’. From October to December 1941, during the Great Patriotic War, the city was occupied by German troops. He was badly damaged and was restored after the war. Many city streets are named after the heroes of the war.

A story about his small homeland for grade 1, an example, a sample, where to find?

The story of your small homeland for grade 1 can be done as follows: my homeland is my small homeland.

For each person she is his own, but we all love her and try to do better.

In her little homeland, good and responsive people live.

My grandmother lives here.

We often go to visit her.

She tells me different interesting stories from her life.

My edge is famous for its land, forests and fields, rivers and lakes.

Every day I can discover something new for myself.

My little homeland is very rich.

I love her for coming here after school, sitting on the porch with my grandmother and reading a book, or you can just look at the stars in the sky.

This cannot but rejoice.

I also like our mountains that rise above the valleys. They are so majestic and frightening at the same time.

I was born in Yekaterinburg. My grandmother often took us in with my sister to the circus. I really liked the performances of air gymnasts and I myself began to deal with 5 years. And I still do and participate in competitions.

I really like the nature of the Urals. Mountains and rivers. I was rafting on Chusova on catamarans. On the shores of the Chusova cliff called fighters. And I also went to Polevskaya, where Bazhov lived and listened, and then recorded the Ural tales. And we rose to the Azov Mountain and drank water from the spring of the Sinyushkin well. A stunning view of the mountains and Polevskaya opens from the basics of the mountain. Forests to the horizon. The Urals is very beautiful and I’m glad that I was born here.

A story about his small homeland for grade 1, an example, a sample, where to find?

First I must say in which city you were born.

Then you need to identify the most important thing: what is its main street called, how much a person lives in it, where he is located, is there any important river, etc.D.

Then you can tell you which in your city (or another village) there is a landmark­And where you like to go the most.

In the end you can tell you why you love your city.

In general, first you need to draw up a story plan, start with the general, end with something narrow.

I saw this project in my sister’s notebook, she glued photos into it. If desired, the picture can be drawn.

And here are examples of work:

A story about his small homeland for grade 1, an example, a sample, where to find?

I live in Moscow. My city is very large and beautiful. There are many streets and buildings in it. Moscow-River flows in the city. There are many monuments in the city, museums, as well as parks that can be visited. Pushkin Museum is one of the most interesting museums that should be visited. I like to come to this museum and admire. Also in Moscow there is Red Square and the Kremlin.

A story about his small homeland for grade 1, an example, a sample, where to find?

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