About all or about all? How right?

Both options are competent, a more traditional form about all is used in the conversational language, but for more complete goodness it is better to use the form ‘about all’ in literary speech, but this is one option of two of the two used.

If you ask the question of how to write and say: About everyone or about all?

In this case, spelling rules do not apply, rather the principle of harmonia and the accepted traditions is used.

In Russian, it is accepted use the preposition With some pronouns:

For example: about everyone, about everything, about me, about what,

but at the same time: about you, about what, about others.

Thus, write and say correctly:

About all or about all? How right?

According to the rules before the forms of pronoun words, including to ‘all’, you should write in any context only one of the proposed prepositions: ‘ok’. That is, ‘about all’.

But in fiction and in the colloquial, the use of ‘about all’ is allowed.

The use of everything with the pronouns is considered to be correct, in the prepositional case of the preposition ‘to’, not about.

About all or about all? How right?
About all or about all? How right?


About all or about all? How right?


But this is the same Russian language, as without exception in fiction.

At the block

About all or about all? How right?

. Or the books of Zherriot

About all or about all? How right?

About all or About everyone You should choose the correct version of the word form, drawing attention to the fact that the case form of the pronoun ‘all’ begins with a combination of deaf consonants [f] and [s]. It is quite difficult to pronounce this word without the support of a sonorous consonant in the offer ‘about’. But again, three consonants in a row are found, so they are ‘diluted’ for the convenience of pronunciation ‘cursory’ vowel ‘o’. So an excuse about turns into his version ‘ok “, which is used precisely before a combination of consonants in many forms of words, for example:

about me,

about everything

about what

About something

About something.

In literary speech, it is advisable to choose the word form ‘about all’, as well as similar forms of pronouns:

about everything, about everything, about all kinds, etc.

In artistic speech, it is possible to use the word forms ‘about everything’, ‘about all’ as a technique of hero.

According to the rules of the Russian language before the words: ‘all’, ‘everything’, ‘everything’, ‘all’, ‘something’, ‘what’, ‘something’, ‘something’ should use the preposition ‘.

Therefore, to write and talk about all ‘. Only such a permissible option.

I remember that 20 years ago an encyclopedia was popular, which was called ‘All about all’.

About all or about all? How right?

About who about what?

This question refers to the prepositional case.

We talked about everyone, she talked about me, she loves to talk about everything in the world.

So, in this case, as well as in the above examples, use the preposition to ‘.

Thus, speak correctly and write like this: about every1.

The most harmonious and traditional version of ‘about all’. The pretext is used with ‘to me’, ‘all’, ‘all’. Sometimes you can find the form of writing ‘about all’, but it is not correct. These phrases are established forms.

Both options for the use of prepositions ‘o’ and ‘ok’ can be found in Russian. But if after the preposition follows the pronoun ‘all’, in which at the beginning of the word there are two consonants in a row, the pretext is more easily pronounced ‘. For example: ‘about all’ or ‘about everything’.

In other cases, the preposition is used, that is, this preposition is used where it is pronounced without difficulty. For example: ‘about you’, ‘about yourself’, ‘about him’.

In the Russian language, both in written and oral speeches, both of these options are used, but more literary and correct in any stylistic text, is an option – about all.

As for the option ‘about all’, it is more often used in conversational speech, since it is shorter in the set of letters.

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