After kisses who should undress – man a woman or woman man?

I imagine such a picture:

Passion is burning, he and she is already moaning with excitement and impatience.

And then the clarifications begin: “I will not undress myself – on BV I read that a man should undress a woman.” And I read in the playboy that a woman should undress a man ‘.

So far they found out – it makes no sense to undress here. 🙁

Why pay attention to this. Today – everyone undressed, the next time – each other…

And if it is a ‘patient’ came to ‘a doctor for’ reception ‘. It is clear that the doctor of patients does not undress.

And if the ‘student’ came to the ‘consultation’. It is clear that she will not begin to undress herself, but the ‘professor’ will pester. :))

If February 23, I want to make my man pleasantly, please, then I will begin to undress him. And I don’t care what is written in smart books or on the fence.

March 8, the situation may change.

In my opinion, there is no ready-made recipe and there is no single scenario.

Life is interesting for its diversity and surprise. And it is we can make her such!

After kisses who should undress – man a woman or woman man?

It all depends on the temperament and activity of partners.

Since it came to kisses, then the sequence is not important here.

The one to whom she starts to interfere with it begins to take off clothes, and the other at this time either helps to undress herself or at the same time takes off his clothes from a partner.

But everything, of course, depends on age.

Youth and youth are impatient – clothing is discarded instantly and here it does not matter who from whom.

Maturity prefers leisurely, because the main thing is not the goal, but the prelude.

There is no longer a hurry here, so a woman will not rush to a man like a fury, but will make a man to undress her.

When sex occurs between a man and a woman, it is customary to say that it was a woman who surrendered to a man. Well, the word surrendered, assumes that she gave his body to him, so that he would caress him and love him and in general, take the initiative into his own hands, and therefore, of course, a man should take everything into his own hands and undress a woman.

It also seems to me that the one who has the need begins above and the patience is less

However, usually at a young age the advantage of a man

And in an older activity, women show

Sometimes they show so actively that even scares)

In general, when such a dance and a mutual desire went, and even if this is the first sex with this partner, then both break their clothes from each other as abnormal

This after 40 comes some chamber of actions

And in 16, the undressing process goes so that you can’t remember in the morning, as all this happened at all

As it was in a joke – good cognac, panties like a wind blew…

None must.

It in itself comes out if these kisses act as it should.

You still set the norm of kisses before the start of undressing to know exactly that everything is happening correctly. And if suddenly not stripping at all, but damage to clothing will happen? That also happens.

Speaking generalized: yes, of course. Women have sexual drives, fantasies, preferences and desires just like men. Perhaps you do not like the idea to feel the mouth of a man on your own, but this is because you do not think outside your point of view. This is like the inability to imagine that someone does not like ketchup or chocolate. Except that many people do not like one or both of these things. You must try to see things with other people’s eyes. Men are desirable for me and many others.

Keep in mind, it was a common answer to a common question. Many women want other women, or women and men, or neither one nor the other, and men can also be desired. D.

When partners have mutual desire, no fool will ask such a question. In his youth, no one will undress at all, they will expose the right place and go. There are men and women who do not like to undress. Will lie down on the bed and wait for the partner to undress.

Usually adult individuals kiss with subsequent undressing.I think that if none of them is sick, there will be no problems with independent undressing.Both may well do it on their own, if of course, they want to undress and carry out further actions both.

I don’t like the word owed.

No one owes anything to anyone, everything happens spontaneously.

Is it important who is who, when passion has surged.

Probably depends on temperament.

Usually, with kisses and caresses, they strip each other.

And if you first undress and take a shower, and then do kisses and all the other. The head of the family comes home after a hard -hour day. Partially on the street, partly in warm shoes. Dress me! It will be an erotic moment for you? I doubt it very much. The woman stood all a twelve -hour working day in a store, bearing meat, for example. Dress me! Dear, you smell very doubtful cutlets, you don’t bring such a home? Everything is your place.

Most of all I got started once when a woman was already without panties during a date.It was, mind­it is in a dressing gown, but there was nothing under it.There was no doubt that she did not mind at all.So I didn’t have to undress, and so usually I had to take off the lady’s panties myself, which, however, is also quite erotic.

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