And yet, Pushkin was a black man or not?

And yet, Pushkin was a black man or not?

The presence of the dark -skinned ancestor Abram Petrovich Hannibal in the genealogical tree of Alexander Pushkin gave rise to a lot of curvature. Until now, not only in Russia, but in the world, people argue about what color the great Russian poet was.

And yet, Pushkin was a black man or not?Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

There is a Shomburg collection of Negro literature and history located in the Public Library of New York. There is more than a hundred positions in the Pushkin section. Some publications say that Pushkin was Russian with a share of black blood, while others directly call him a Negro writer. Alexander Sergeevich and today is periodically mentioned as a prominent figure in black American culture. Materials about his life and fate every now and then go out in the African-American press.

To try to figure out how much Pushkin looked like a black man, you need to look at his genealogical tree.

And yet, Pushkin was a black man or not?Abram Petrovich Hannibal

As you can see, Hannibal, marked by Blue, is the great -grandfather of Alexander Sergeyevich. Let’s calculate the approximate number of genes from Abram Alexander. Suppose that all genes from ancestors are distributed evenly, then Pushkin has only 12.5% of the genes from Abram. That’s how much he got from the German woman, the wife of Abram Christina. And about 70% in Alexander Sergeevich Russian blood.

If you look at the photos of children from mixed marriages, you will notice that the blacks from the union of a white and dark -skinned person are not born. Look at Meghan Markle, look at the daughter of Serena Williams, but you never know anyone else. If the children were not born dark -skinned, then what to say about great -grandchildren, whose blood was constantly diluted with the blood of people of European appearance. It turns out, no matter how the African Americans would like to call Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin dark -skinned, this is not so. We see that he was a dark -haired man, curly, maybe a little dark, but still he has neither chubby lips, nor a wide nose. Pushkin – dark -skinned Russian.

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