Artem Shilovets (nkeeei) -Who is it? What is interesting in biography, personal life?

Artyom Shilovets, nkeeei, young emercide from Minsk. He is now 19 years old.

Artem Shilovets VKontakte here.

Artem Shilovets on Instagram here.

Became famous thanks to his album Ep Euphoria.

You will not find photos of him anywhere.

He is either in a mask or under the avotarch.

You can listen and download here.

In Tick Tok, his track “crowds shout” became viral, except him withdrawn there Uniqe.

You can watch this video here.

Artem Shilovets (nkeeei) -Who is it? What is interesting in biography, personal life?

Today, many young Russians are in such tension that psychedelic music can serve them as a kind of psychological help. Artem Shilovets, perhaps calculated it.

Tiktotox picked up his track ‘crowds scream’. He is absolutely not about what you thought. At a time when many want to shout about what even whispering is fraught with, Artem sings about love.

Who is he? Interested in a young man of many by the fact that he is a real incognito. Especially girls. Known: zodiac sign – lion, dr – 04.08.2003. In VK approximately 10,000 subscribers. Personal life has not yet been advertised.

I wonder how everything went past him. All have already decided. For or against. And he is silent.

Artyom Shilovets or (nkeeei) is a popular young singer, rap artist.

The future singer in Minsk (Belarus) was born on July 4 in 2003.

Despite his popularity, there is not a lot of information about the young man, information about his personal life, there is no information about him, unfortunately.

The most popular to him was brought to him by the music album EP Euphoria.

On the Internet in Tik Tok, he became popular thanks to his virus track ‘crowds shouting’, except for him, Uniqe starred there. For the greatest fame, I gained gratitude in the collaboration [uniqe] and [nkeeei] [“crowds scream”] that was encircled on the Tiktok platform.

Artem Shilovets (nkeeei) -Who is it? What is interesting in biography, personal life?

His name is Maxim Nagorny…………­……… Simshon “Defuuz”

Year of release: 1956.

Genre: Romance, Detective

Series: 93848474

Publisher: America


I want to start my story with the fact that I will tell you about one mysterious, having changed­M my life is a man ..

Artyom Shilovets and nkeeei are two different people… Nkeeei is the name of Nikita..

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