At what temperature distilled water freezes?

Domited water freezes at a temperature of 0 and below degrees. Domited water, this is the same water that has passed the purification of salts by turning water into steam and turning the same steam into water.

Yes, distilled water freezes.

Distilled water begins to freeze precisely at a temperature of 0 ° C. At this temperature, only distilled water freezes. The water in which salt is contained, let’s say water from under the tap or from the well, begins to freeze at a lower temperature – 0.05 ° C. In this table below, you can very clearly see how much the process of freezing of water from the percentage of salts depends on it.

At what temperature distilled water freezes?

In pharmacies, as well as in auto parts stores, there is distilled water in free sale. This is inherently ordinary water, which is cleaned of all kinds of impurities by distillation in special devices. And the water, which flows at our house from a tap crane, contains a lot of salts, chemicals and other impurities.

In the lessons of physics at school, we all taught that water freezes at a temperature of 0 degrees. This applies precisely to distilled water purified from impurities. But drinking ordinary water due to various salt impurities has a slightly different freezing temperature, which is slightly lower than 0 degrees and can be approximately -0.1 degrees.

Distilled water can be hypothermia (remain in a liquid state at minus temperature), if it cools slowly and remains motionless. There are nowhere to form crystallization centers – they are the fastest formed around the particles of impurities. But if then to shake it or try to mix it, it freezes sharply.

Distilled water is not much different from ordinary water in terms of freezing and begins to increase on the surface of thin ice at temperatures – 0.5 degrees.

I somehow remained from pouring into the battery in distilled water on the street and as soon as the temperature began to go minus, then an ice floe began to form in the bottle and I took it into the house.

The 0- is precisely the temperature of the freezing of water purified from impurities, that is, distilled water indicated in all textbooks. Usually water contains salts and other substances, so it freezes at a slightly different temperature than clean water.

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