‘Avito Delivery’ The buyer did not take the parcel, what to do?

Now on the ‘Avito’ promotion: delivery costs 49 anywhere in Russia. Rather, in most cases 49, but sometimes other amounts jump out: 149 r., 189 p. and t.D. Therefore, sales have intensified, accordingly there are more questions on delivery.

In this case – when the buyer did not come for an order, the seller suffered only that his product dangles somewhere for a long time. For a month it is stored in the mail, then goes back.

The seller will receive it at the same point of extradition, where he sent. He does not pay for addition to anything: neither for storage, nor for delivery. In this case, all the costs of Avito bear.

I must say that this happens very rarely. There are more often cases when the buyer refuses the goods – due to the fact that he does not suit him or the wrong thing came that in the description. And in this case, everyone remains with his own: the buyer receives money back both for the goods and for delivery, the seller receives his goods back and does not pay for anything.

If the buyer simply did not come for a package, then he also receives all his funds back: both for the goods and for delivery.

‘Avito Delivery’ The buyer did not take the parcel, what to do?

Unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon. In this case, the seller certainly suffers.

It is especially disappointing if the buyer did not pay for the order, then the seller will have to pay for transportation twice. But in this case, at least you will receive your goods back.

But the situation when the buyer paid his parcel, and he himself did not come to put it mildly strange. In this case, the parcel will lie in the warehouse for some time, then it should be sent to you back. But for the storage and shipping itself you will have to pay.

In addition, the buyer may demand his money back on the basis that he did not receive an order. In general, the situation is unpleasant, but in this case, most likely you will have to return the money to the buyer.

If the shelf life of the parcel is running out, and the buyer has not taken the parcel, then first of all it is worth contacting the buyer himself and find out the reason why he does not take the package. There are different cases, the buyer may not know that the goods have already come. Perhaps there is no buyer in the city and the shelf life of the goods must simply extend.

If you don’t want to contact the buyer, then just wait. When the storage period comes out, the goods will be sent back. He will come to where you sent him. You will not have to pay anything, just go and pick up your goods back.

As for, who will pay for the shipping of the goods, according to the rules of Avito (which, by the way, often change), pays Avito himself, then the money is returned to the buyer back in full.

If the buyer has not taken the parcel, you can be the following:

Contact the buyer: try to clarify the reason for the failure of the parcel and find out if it is possible to deliver it again.

Return the parcel to the sender: if the buyer finally refuses to pick up the parcel, you can return it to the sender or pick it up on your own if you are a deliveryer.

Contact the Avito support service: If you have problems returning the parcel, you can contact the Avito support service to receive additional assistance.

Please note that the rules and return procedures may vary depending on the specific conditions of the transaction and the Avito policy.

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