Bloody story of Iplikator Kuznetsov

Bloody story of Iplikator Kuznetsov

He was an ordinary music teacher from Chelyabinsk, who put the entire Soviet Union on the needle … More precisely, on many needles, which themselves sewn to a small rug for everyone who wanted to heal from any disease.

Ivan Ivanovich Kuznetsov, creator of the immortal panacea from ailments and physical weakness of a person – Iplikator Kuznetsov. Only now the iblikator killed not only the wife of the inventor, but his own.

Bloody story of Iplikator Kuznetsov

Iplitator invention

Kuznetsov once poisoned cockroaches in his apartment. Well, like any Russian person, I did not take care of elementary security tools. The result was the burn of the lungs, which did not succumb to drug treatment. Leaving hope for doctors, the future inventor decides to help himself.

Having studied the basis of Chinese traditional medicine, in particular acupuncture – the impact on the human body with special needles in certain places, the blacksmiths creates the first prototype of the Iplitator – a piece of foam with the sewing needles integrated into it. Yes, in the original Iplikator there were sewing needles, and what we used to see-an option adapted for the market. Acupuncture in the Soviet Union was tested by him personally. And the most amazing – the method worked! Ivan Ivanovich recovered that they confirmed the tests and X -ray pictures. The amazement of doctors knew no bounds. The self -heaver was given advice – to go to Moscow, to show his invention to scientists so that it could serve the people.

Bloody story of Iplikator Kuznetsov

In Moscow, experts from the Ministry of Health over Kuznetsov, of course, only laughed. Perhaps, by virtue of his obstinate and not always predictable nature, this only prompted the inventor and helped him not abandon his idea of popularizing know-how.

Without any patent for his invention, without confirming the effectiveness of the treatment of medical documents of the blacksmiths, begins the practice of acupuncture. For 20 years, a teacher from Chelyabinsk treats those who have been abandoned by official medicine. The glory of the healer is growing and strengthening, despite the extraordinary approach and methodology.

“Take off your pants!”

Ivan Ivanovich took in the office at the Institute of Physical Culture. Together with him, the restoration of athletes with the help of massage was engaged in Roman Kashigin, whose memories, in fact,
– The only certificate of treatment methods for Kuznetsov:

According to the memoirs of the same Kashigin, Kuznetsov always began his treatment from the fifth point of the patient, probably believing that here is the center of the nerve endings of the human body.

Testament patent

They say that genius always borders on madness … and Kuznetsov looked appropriate. Blocking, in a greasy suit, which did not shoot even when he went to bed, and he slept exclusively on his iclikator. And only four hours a day. Instead of one leg, he had a prosthesis, so he walked, relying on the Klyuka, in the other hand he wore an eternal shabby leather portfolio, which he did not let out from his hands even in the toilet, afraid that the enemies would abduct the documentation for obtaining a patent and valuable diary records of aboutyour practice. I did not wash, believing that soap is the source of all diseases, in the sense that a person destroys a protective layer on the skin. He ate with sour milk products that he kept on the battery, added a piece of oil to them, sometimes smearing bread.

Bloody story of Iplikator Kuznetsov

You might think that this is all the exaggeration, but the fact that Ivan Ivanovich respected the sour -milk – fact. This is confirmed by the words of his grandson, Vladimir Kuznetsov, who spoke about his recipe from colds and infectious diseases. In six liters of water, dilute potassium permanganate, punch to pour until the water becomes cherry. This portion of the solution must be used inward. Prepare the same volume for rinsing the mouth and nose and for enemas. After that, you need to drink three liters of milk and lie on an iclikator. Milk, as Kuznetsov assured, will restore the population of useful bacteria, which were destroyed by potassium permanganate along with bad.

Despite the controversial approach to the treatment of diseases, and Kuznetsov believed that the Iplitator could help even the most hopeless, he was only added to admirers. Having accumulated experience and the “evidence base” in the form of diary entries and reviews of grateful customers, Ivan Ivanovich decides to storm the collegium of experts from the Ministry of Health for the second time. And then he decides to go to Va-Bank, offering to provide him with a “complex” patient. And this is located – an official from the party apparatus. Kuznetsov cured him! In gratitude, the party worker helped his savior get a cherished document.

The abduction of the wife of Kuznetsov

Despite the fact that the glory of Kuznetsov’s invention rattled throughout the Union, the company did not last long, and the cooperative went bankrupt. After that, some enterprising people who persuaded him to sell a patent for Iplikator came to Kuznetsov. But could Kuznetsov do it? The inventor disappears, and the abductors demand a ransom for her, but not money, but a patent for the famous invention.

Ivan Ivanovich could not soberly assess the situation and refused. Criminals kill the unfortunate wife Kuznetsov. After that, the inventor noticeably handed over – aged. However, he continued the active activity of the healer and developed the idea of creating a needle spacesuit from which air would pump out: the vacuum should help strengthen the therapeutic effect. But this modification killed its creator. Valery Pukov recalls, who worked with Kuznetsov in the last years of his life:

And, as always, fate was ironic. Ivan Kuznetsov could not help but believe in UFOs and other universes. And when he had the opportunity, he bought an apartment, remaining with his greasy suit and a grated portfolio, in a high -rise building, to be closer to aliens. And he went to them in his spacesuit.

It is worth noting that the official evidence of how Kuznetsov lived is so small that it is almost impossible to compare the facts and find the truth. For example, according to one version, he did not buy an apartment, but received as an honored inventor. By the way, with the receipt of a patent on a spacesuit, Kuznetsov had no problems. At least, his grandson Vladimir says:

Kuznetsova ruined, probably fanaticism – what is four seconds for someone who drank six liters of potassium permanganate ..

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