Can a mercury thermometer be wrong?

If the mercury thermometer showed exactly, then with the time it will not be mistaken in any way. He does not have a certain expiration date. The cause of the “jamb ‘of the thermometer can be in case of its good fall or factory marriage, when the column inside the shaking will move a little up or down.

Over time, any device and technology can fail and decrease. The same applies to a mercury thermometer.

Of course, it is mercury thermometers that are still considered more accurate, but they can also make mistakes.

In addition, if small experimenters were injured by the thermometer or dipped it in boiling water.

If there are suspicions, then get the second.

It may be mistaken, although mercury are considered the most accurate among the people (in fact, not entirely and not always). I have 3 thermometers at home (all mercury, 2 of them are new), all show different temperatures, a scatter somewhere in 1.5 ° C.

The thermometer can be initially defective, perhaps his scale has moved, or inside the tube cracked (this may be visible under the magnifying glass), or the mercury “broke” – it should be a single mass, or something else has happened with the thermometer.

It is also possible that the measurements themselves occur incorrectly (for maximum accuracy you need to wait 10 minutes and so on). In nursing mothers, the temperature of the armpit will be higher, since the chest at this time is hot, it is recommended to measure in the elbow bend or unfold the thermometer to the back.

Of course, maybe. No device is safe from marriage. I remember that while working in the pharmacy there was a batch of defective mercury thermometers. The scale simply did not rise above a certain level and that’s it. After all, it may not be in the mercury itself, but in the glass tube. If it is not the desired form, it will have unnecessary narrowing or other defects, then you should be prepared for the fact that the result will be incorrect.

It is clear that such cases are rare. And if we compare the likelihood that a mercury or electronic thermometer is deceiving, then the second probability is several times higher. But no one is safe from marriage. However, if we are talking about the old and proven device, then the probability of error is minimal if it was used correctly.

Any device, even as simple as an ordinary mercury thermometer, can have a certain error in the readings.

The thermometer can show the body temperature of the person up to 0.1 degree.

But if a mercury thermometer in a short time shows a temperature with a difference more than 1 degree, then it is definitely faulty.

It seems to be breaking out in such a thermometer. The most frequent malfunction can be the temperature scale itself, it is poorly fixed or with time she washed out by itself.

It is better to get rid of such a thermometer, since there is a risk of damage to this scale and accordingly mercury may vary.

If we are talking about a mercury thermometer, then first of all it is worth noting that it has absolutely no expiration date, that is, it does not deteriorate over time and if he initially showed it correctly, then over time, everything will remain and remain. Only a fall and other exposure from the outside can cause improper indications of the thermometer.

Cannot lie if its integrity is not violated. You need to measure the temperature correctly. First knock it down to low numbers. The axillary region should be dry before laying the thermometer (wipe with boron alcohol or a clean cloth);And of course, withstand the right amount of time – up to 10 minutes. And here is the result for you.

The thermometer can lie! Most often this happens when the thermometer is often dropped. The mercury column inside is divided into several parts, although it remains airtight. You can’t measure the temperature with such a thermometer. Therefore, at home you must always have one in reserve.

The mercury thermometer is much better than any others, since the mercury thermometer is the most accurate! However, it is a little more dangerous, because it contains mercury, and if it breaks, then there may be unpleasant consequences for a person!Marriage yes, it can be, because any thing can have a marriage, but the mercury thermometer is still the best and marriage in the area of the mercury thermometer is very rare!

Of course, maybe often thermometers begin to work not correctly because they were dropped, or they were overheated, sometimes from old age, the thermometers begin to work not correctly, because the mercury begins to thicken and this fact prevents it from working properly.

Mercury thermometer is considered the most accurate type of thermometer. Otherwise, it would simply be refused to use it, because it is dangerous for health (contains mercury). But the alcohol thermometer begins to make mistakes over time.

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