Can you drink yogurt at night?

Usually before going to bed I always want something, but what, I myself do not know. Then yogurt or kefir comes to the rescue. Only you need to drink 1 cup (who loves, then 2) low -fat or completely fat -free kefir or yogurt.

True, recently I was told that it is better not to drink yogurt for the night, but I drink it hard, because I like it more than kefir.

Ugh, ugh, pah, so far there were no health problems. It’s better to drink yogurt at night than eat a sandwich with sausage or cheese.

I see nothing wrong with drinking yogurt and other fermented milk products at night. Moreover, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk and warm milk in combination with honey contribute to rapid falling asleep and good sleep. It is better if yogurt is without sugar.

In the evening, you can drink yogurt, 1.5-2 hours before bedtime, but not bold.

For the stomach and intestines, it will be more useful than yogurt, at night you need to eat light food so that there is no discomfort.

To satisfy the hunger that occurs before bedtime, you need to drink chamomile tea or a glass of warm water with honey, or eat a handful of dried fruits with water.

Can you drink yogurt at night?

Yogurt The product is milk and it contains protein, but it also contains carbohydrates, so it is best to replace yogurt with 1% kefir or low -fat yogurt.

If you still want to drink very tasty yogurt, and very tasty, then it is very fat, then 2 hours before sleep will not be harmful.

Drink yogurt at night Even very useful. Of course, we are not talking about sweet and supervised yogurt options, but about simple yogurt without sugar. My mother even adapted to make yogurt at home at a purchased children’s yogurt without sugar. Delicious. Normal yogurt is not so useful due to the large content of sugar, dyes and different additives in it. So it is better to drink it in the morning, and even better, such yogurt does not drink at all, and replace it with a simple kefir, since natural sour -milk products are better absorbed. To this, kefir is useful for both the stomach and the intestines, in addition, it contains proteins that the body needs to build muscles.

Can you drink yogurt at night?

At night, before going to bed, you can drink a glass of milk or any sour -milk product, such as yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt in Georgia prefer malesoni, and in Bashkiria it is koumiss as a national drink. It is desirable, if you drink yogurt for good, then do not add sugar, you can honey. Of course, purchased yoghurts with a long shelf life do not contain any useful properties, because there is only no: preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, chemical taste additives and the like inedible muck. Therefore, it is better to choose those sour -milk products in which there is no chemistry and the shelf life of a small.

I do not advise due to the high sugar content in drinking yogurts. Before active physical work, for example, before going to the gym, it would be nothing, but the night is a period of peace, and the body will receive in vain an unnecessary portion of calories.

Those who do not have a stomach disorder from the use of dairy -sour foods – it will be useful to drink a little yogurt at night.

In hospitals earlier, kefir was always given to patients in the evening. And yogurt, it seems to me, is even more useful.

It all depends on yogurt. If you have your own, then this is only good at any time (if you are not a maniac ‘proper nutrition’ and diets). But yogurt from the store, on the contrary, will bring only the harm to the organizing, no matter what time it was drunk at. We have milk and all his milk. We drink with both sugar and without, and day and even at night. Nothing, we are no longer in the first generation and the next raises.

On this occasion I can say the following. Sweet yogurt will not benefit before bedtime, because it is extra calories and excess energy, not at all necessary before bedtime. But if we are talking about yogurt without sugars, then this is not that possible, but even very useful to drink such a product at night.

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