Compose a magical, household or animal for the 5th grade fairy tale?

We were asked to compose a household fairy tale. We wrote about talking textbooks.

The child came from school, made lessons. In the evening longer than usual could not fall asleep, and suddenly he heard how the textbooks began to speak. They told stories about themselves. The new textbooks as a whole were cheerful and cheerful. But some textbooks that lived in the school library for several years spoke sadly about negligent students, dirty, and sometimes even tearing useful books.

When the student woke up in the morning, he immediately seized and cleaned all the old textbooks.

Something like this we wrote this essay-whale.)))

Together with my son, we composed a magic good fairy tale about the boy Petya, who at Christmas really wanted to get a puppy as a gift. He even blinded the snowman in front of his window, and a little dog is nearby. And she also dreams of becoming alive. The Snowman knew that in his Christmas Eve was fulfilled and therefore helped his little friend become real. To do this, he poured a bucket with magic snowflakes on him. When the boy went out into the yard, he heard a sonorous barking and was delighted with a snow -white puppy. He took him in his arms, and the puppy wagged his tail cheerfully and licked his new owner. They were happy together went to the house.

Compose a magical, household or animal for the 5th grade fairy tale?

It is not difficult to compose fairy tales, you just need to choose a hero, and he himself will determine the genre of a future fairy tale. For example, it can be a favorite cat and then you will get a fairy tale about animals. Or some of the most common item and then a fairy tale will turn out at the same time both household and magical. Andersen wrote such fairy tales at one time, literally about everything in the world. You can take the heroes of the fairy tales of your friends or just ordinary boy and a girl, and you can come up with a fairy tale about nature phenomena.

For some reason I wanted to write a fairy tale about snowmen. Such a fairy tale will certainly be magical, because ordinary snowmen do not talk and do not walk the streets.

Fairy tale about snowmen.

The winter night has come and the snowmen, as usual, gathered in the courtyard of the Great House.

-Well, brothers, it’s time for work? – asked the most important snowman. He was wrapped in a warm scarf and a brilliant pan flaunted on his head.

-It’s time! – The rest of the snowmen buzzed excitedly.

-Then, forward! – gave the team the senior snowman and first hit the road.

Belka’s little snowman for the first time went to work with his brothers. It is understandable, because they blinded it only yesterday. And therefore, another snowman went with him – Korokovin, experienced and calm.

Belka fled forward all the time, fussed, and Korkovkin walked slowly and chuckled in his carrot.

Snowmen examined at home and searched for those apartments in which there were no Christmas trees. If an elegant New Year’s spruce shone in the apartment, everything was fine, everything was wonderful, but if there was no tree, the snowmen were sorted out why this happened.

This time Belka and Korokovin quickly found an apartment in which there was no Christmas tree and stopped at the entrance. Korkovkin turned to the intercom for help, and he said that a poor family lives in that apartment – a little girl and her parents. The girl was very pretty and obedient, but her parents did not have money to buy a Christmas tree for the New Year.

-Disorder! – Markkin booed. – It is necessary to help.

He and Belka quickly went to the nursery and asked the older spruce. Filling a couple of forms, the older spruce gave them a young, magnificent Christmas tree and snowmen hurried back. The night almost ended, and they still needed to deliver the Christmas tree to the apartment.

The intercom has long been waiting for them and prudently opened the doors:

-Just see that there are no needles on the steps! – He warned him not angrily, but rather for the form.

Snowmen nodded and quickly climbed the fourth floor. The old castle in the doorway opened surprisingly easy. As soon as it drove a little Christmas tree and snowmen brought the Christmas tree into the apartment, and, trying not to make noise, put it in the middle of the hall.

Just as quickly and silently, they left the house and said goodbye to the intercom, went to the meeting place with other snowmen.

The senior snowman has already accepted the reports of snowmen. Someone praised someone, reported some1. Korokovin and Belka talked about their work and awarded stingy praise. They went to their yards, wait for the morning and children.

-Eh, sorry we won’t see how surprised people! – He handed Belka.

-Doesn’t matter! – Morkovkin answered. – The main thing is that we did our job.

And at this time, in the apartment on the fourth floor of the most ordinary house, the young spouses were dumbfounded at the Christmas tree that arose from where in their apartment, and the little girl laughed happily:

-This is Santa Claus! I knew that it exists!

Compose a magical, household or animal for the 5th grade fairy tale?

Once a kitten, who lived in a good and convenient in general for cohabitation with a kitten, a family, was offended by the hosts (they scolded him for a sausage stolen according to their words, and the kitten suddenly realized that he had not quite equal rights with the rest, becausethat he did not think that the sausage he did not think, but he just wanted to take it, considering it his own), and decided to teach them a little, having disappeared for several hours from the house, and at the same time see how things are with the rights of other living beings in his yard.

He went out into the yard, not a very thick wool he immediately reelled the wind, giving it, unfortunately not so much formidable as a miserable look. Trying to collect the will of the will in a decent hairstyle, he went towards a small dog, which the hosts walked on the leash. What is it on your neck, asked the kitten, the collar, the dog said, they don’t let me out without him. The kitten introduced his thin, swivel neck, covered in a rude collar and shuddered with horror. And it does not depress you, he asked the dog. Not at all, I don’t even think about it, that answered.

The kitten thought, he realized that the rights are different, and some of them can be applied, for example, free and equal access to sausages, but there are rights and freedoms, without which life is not sweet. And the kitten went home to the owners to pretend that there was nothing.

Compose a magical, household or animal for the 5th grade fairy tale?

A small bunny lived in one forest. In total, he was afraid of the light, only the leaflet will move, and the bunny is already hiding under the bush.

Once a bunny was frightened as always and decided to hide in a hole, and a badger was sitting in a hole.

Bunny could not even run away from fear, how frightened he was.

The badger approached him and asked:

-What is your name?

The bunny from surprise could not answer for a long time and only calmed down a little quietly:

-I am a kutsvostik.

Barsuk smiled and answered:

-I am a striped nose.

The bunny calmed down a little, he thought that it would be nice to have a friend like a badger.

Bunny said goodbye to the badger and left.

Three days later, the bunny again, with fear, ran to the hole to the striped nose, this time he was not so afraid. Barsuk was glad of his arrival, he invited him to eat with him.

And then a badger and a bunny began to be best friends, began to live together, live, but to make good.

A fox and a hare met in a snowy clearing. The fox invited the hare to visit Santa Claus, but first go to visit the wolf. ‘What for?’ – the hare asked, and the fox said that there was someone to protect them. They came to visit the wolf and called him to Santa Claus, the wolf was delighted and they moved to the hut of Santa Claus. But suddenly stumbled upon a big snowdrift, from where a terrible roar came. ‘Who woke me up?’ – yelled the bear, crawled out of the snowdrift and looked ominously at the uninvited guests. The fox and hare hid behind the wolf’s back, and he began to mutter: ‘Dear Bear! We invite you to the Christmas tree to Santa Claus, let’s go with us!’. The bear grumbled, grumbled, but there was nothing to do, he already woke up and moved the animals to visit. And Santa Claus has already met them near his house and smiled cordially smiling at the guests.

An example of a fairy tale in literature for grade 5:

Once two clouds argued, which of them is more beautiful and more. Clouds swam to the lake and let’s pry out by the lake: ‘Lake-Ozero, which of us is more beautiful?’Both clouds in its waters reflected the lake, but did not manage to answer anything, took the wind of clouds further. Clouds swam over the forest and let’s ask him: ‘Forest Les, which of us is more beautiful?’The forest was smoked with his foliage, nothing to make out. The clouds of arguing are tired, the clouds to the wind turned from the last forces: ‘Wind-light, which of us is more beautiful?’They picked up their wind, then one cloud will be sipped, then the other, spinned so that clouds were connected into one large beautiful cloud. Now they no longer had to argue.

Why argue, who is better when you can unite and do a common cause together.

Compose a magical, household or animal for the 5th grade fairy tale?

An example of a fairy tale for grade 5:

The old man with an old woman lived. Children grew up for a long time and left. They were left al1.

That’s how the grandfather went into the forest for mushrooms, but in the berries. Almost a whole basket gathered, looks at the hemp doll lies. The old man thought that he would give a gift to his old woman, it would be more fun, even though the outfits would be sewing on it. And took her home.

The old woman was delighted. I soaped it, combed it, I found new outfits. And indeed, the old people became more fun.

The old people began to notice that someone was going in the house at night, but by morning there is no one in the house.

In the morning, the old people will wake up, and at home all things are done: tented, food is cooked, linen washed.

The old man with the old woman was surprised. But the next night, all miracles repeated. Then on the third night they hid, pretended to be as if they were sleeping, and they themselves began to observe.

Exactly at midnight, their doll came up and turned into a girl. And so pretty, suitable, removing. I started to get, but do things around the house.

Grandfather and woman out of her shelter came out here. They persuade the girl not to turn into a doll, and she says to them:

-This is your good nature and love revived me. Evil witch enchant me, told me a doll for a century. You will love to take care of me in the image of dolls for three years and three days, the spell of witchcraft will melt and I will stay for a lifetime by a girl. And only at night I can help you.

The old people agreed. Time flew quickly, and after 3 years the doll turned into a girl and began to help grandfather and a woman in the household. This is what love for loved ones can do.

Once a hot-gameplay in the summer, the girl saw a cat stretched out on the grass. The cat was so exhausted by the heat that he had already stopped reacting to passers -by. His motionless figure was a very miserable sight and, fearing for his life, the girl carefully took it and brought it home.

At home she poured him cold water and put it in the shadow.

After about an hour, the cat began to show signs of life and even got up to drink. The water had a literally healing effect on the cat and he gratefully looked at the girl.

-What is your name?, – The cat asked.

-Shura, – said the girl.

-And I was called Shurik earlier, a long time ago, when I still had a house and when they loved me.

-What happened to your house?

-Our house was destroyed, the owners left, and I was left al1.

-If you want, you can live with us, ”said the girl.

-You know, Shura, it only happens in a fairy tale when a kind sorceress suddenly gives homeless comfort to the homeless.

-My mother taught me that life will then become a fairy tale when people begin to do good deeds. You are my first good deed and, I really want to hope that not the last.

So they healed together: mom, dad, girl Shura and cat Shurik.

Let’s try Compose a magical fairy tale

Darina played with her doll while grandmother baked pancakes. She really wanted the doll to come to life, so that at least to talk and play with someone, there were no other children in the village.

She fed the doll with pancakes, laid down to bed and fell asleep nearby.

Suddenly she woke up from the fact that the doll stirred.

Darina looked around in surprise: there was twilight, grandmother was sleeping, and the doll looked at her with her big brown eyes.

-Let’s play, ”the doll suggested.

-Come on, ”the girl muttered.

And they began to play with mother-mother, and then hide and seek. Having played enough, Darina began to braid her hair and told her a fairy tale.

In the morning, the girl woke up: whether she had everything or not?

Near her she saw a doll in which her hair was not braided.

She was looking forward to the night while her grandmother falls asleep.

The doll came to life at night and played with a girl.

This happened until a family with two girls arrived in the village. Now Darina had new girlfriends, but the doll remained the most beloved.

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