Dreams for the Providing Prophetic?

Prophetic dreams are not attached to any religious holidays, they are sent to a person as necessary to warn about something- and such a need can arise in any day, regardless of the calendar of the holidays…

There are no folk signs regarding any pattern of prophetic sleep and the festival of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on October 14.

At least there is a sustainable opinion that on all big church holidays the likelihood that the dream will not be simple, but a prophetic. So everything is possible.

The Feast of the Intercession is considered one of the largest.

Many people associate this day with various signs, for example, they notice what the weather will be for the Pokrov, this is what the winter should be expected.

Many girls on this day ask the Virgin to help them with marriage.

Some believe that the dreams that have dreamed of Pokrov become things, but in fact there is no relationship in this. So there are ordinary dreams on the cover, do not believe too in prophetic dreams.

Here you can not unequivocally say whether a prophetic dream on the cover. Such a dream can dream of any day, in particular, on this Orthodox holiday. If we talk about some kind of popular beliefs on this topic, then there are no references to the fact that on this day people more often dream of prophetic dreams.

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