Examples of words with prefixes on Z and C (Def and, Ras- and without-, Bes-)?

Concearations on h They write to the ringing consonant of the root of the word, for example:

once- – scatter, distribute, thoughts, disperse, make fun, pierce, unloading, disagreement, break up, discharge

without- – Caliness, hopeless, vast, lifeless, thoughtless, bad taste.

Concearations on With They write to the deaf consonant of the root of the word, for example:

demon- – Disheard, infinity, powerless, unlocked, dishonest, colorless, aimless, silent

races- – To grow, calculation, make a shutter, print, layout, split, shake, seedlings, be upset.

Words with prefixes on Z (sonorous consonant), examples:

They scattered, silent, carefree, rekindle, knead, toothless, legless, make, smaste, get, lifeless, soulless.

Words with prefixes on C (deaf consonant), examples:

to raste, quarrel, heartless, wordless, shameless, shameless, careless, open, colorless, crumble, excavate.

The spelling of the prefixes on the Z- and C- depends on the subsequent consonant. If this consonant is deaf, then the letter is written in the prefix. If the subsequent consonant is sonorous, then at the end of the console the letter is written with.

Examples Words with prefixes on s and s: withoutDuma, demonhealthy, demonRight, withoutDelnik, mediocre, berald, indisputable, unrequited, immoral, illiterate, stupid, tasteless, pointless; oncedump, racesask, racessay, onceGive, blame, break, spread, distribute, open, chew, flush, break, crush, open, unravel, storyteller, man.

Examples of words with the prefix once-, Ras-: Rainty, Reason, paint, laugh, stretch, split.

Examples of words with the prefix without-, Bes-: Hollow, lifeless, inactive, mediocre, tactless, disorder, free, insomnia.

Examples of words with prefixes on Z and C (Def and, Ras- and without-, Bes-)?

Words with the prefix ending

Bezrodny, carefree, joyless

Words with a prefix ending with

unlimited, stupid, unconsciousness, demon, restless.

The prefix and the root together cause double spelling of one -tick letters. Noticeable in words with the prefix with.

Before the calling r, s – once

Before deaf n, k, s – races. Double C at the junction of the root and prefixes.

With a prefix of races: unpacking, sticking, splitting, split, break

with the prefix – extension, disperse, conversation, give out, solve

with the prefix – Besh – painless, tasteless, bottomless, toothless, silent

With the prefix, inaudic, stupid, disinterested, useless

Undressing, crush, open, thoughts.

Parting, reckoning, dissolving, stretching.

Ugliness, cloudless, homeless, silence.

Immortality, undoubtedly, careless, stupid.

Before the deaf consonants, the prefix will be races, demon.

Before the calling – one, without.

In the prefixes on -z, -s, it is written in front of the ringing consonants (exchange, lifeless, increase, chopped, excessive, beat, low -end), with the deaf consonants (dissolving, useless, uprising, fright, too much, scared, sent down).

The prefix ‘times’ is written before the ringing consonant, so the selection of words will be like that

unwind, separate, cheer.

laugh, burst out laughing, laugh, shout.

In the same way, we find examples of words with the prefixes ‘without’ and ‘demons’.

An unlucky, meaningless, fearless, silent.

Sinless, berave, trouble -free.

And there are still many words with these prefixes.

races – to break out,

races – split,

races – open

Once a conversation,

Once – give out,

One – to solve

Without – bottomless,

Without – toothless,

Without – silent

The demon is stupid,

Bes is disinterested,

The demon is useless

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