Ferge loves his color or king, in chess – what does this mean?

The expression ‘queen loves his color’ arose for the simplest reminder by the novice chess player of the correct location of the figures. If you play white, then the queen should stand on the white cage. Black – on black.

This is generally the main mistake when arranging figures. Fers and the king are usually almost the same in height, but the king is slightly higher, and many chess players confuse them in places. The white queen should stand opposite the black queen in the fields of his color.

In the literal sense, of course, the quarrels ‘love’ can not, neither their color nor a stranger. Ferge and the king are chess figures and where they will put him, they will stand there and will. In addition, they move along the field of the chessboard during the game.

This phrase was invented by players in chess and she belongs to Ferzyu. It sounds completely ‘Ferge loves his color’ means that in the initial arrangement of chess figures, white queen stands on a white background, and black on black. It turns out that fersi and kings of different colors are standing against each other.

In relation to the kings, everything happens on the contrary – the White King in the black field, and the black king on white.

Honestly, I have never heard such a saying about Ferzy. But I heard how they say ‘the king does not like his color’. And it seems to me that it sounds more informative about the king. Firstly, the king is the main figure on the board, which means that information about him is easier to remember. Secondly, denial is easier to remember.

Well, the meaning of this phrase is very simple. She helps to remember the correct arrangement of figures on a chessboard. The black king is placed on the white cage, and the white – on the black. It is not difficult to remember the arrangement of other figures. But kings and queens should stand opposite each other. And the question arises, what figure to put on the left, and which right. Here is such a saying and helps to find the right solution.

This expression helps to properly arrange the figures at the beginning of the game. Queen (according to the simple queen) and the king stand nearby. But the ladies are more inherent in the tendency to select everything in color: a handbag to lipstick, lipstick to cherries, sandals to their hair, hair to a dress, a dress to the color of the eyes (this, of course, exaggerates), but the queen picks up a place on the boardto the color of the dress, that is, the white queen stands on the white field, black, respectively on black. Ferge loves his color.

Many novice chess players know the saying ‘every queen loves his color’. This means that in the starting arrangement of the figures, the White Ferge is installed on the D1 white field, and the black queen on the D8 Black Field. Ferge loves his color or king, in chess – what does this mean?

Ferz loves his color-quite often you can hear this phrase from grandmasters and just fans of playing chess. Ferge is considered the strongest chess figure, so they try to ‘take out this figure as quickly as possible from the game. Ferge always stands on a cage of its color: white queen stands on the D1 field, and black on D8 (white queen stands on a white cage, and black on black) – this expression came from here. In general, it happened so historically.

In chess in the initial position, White Ferz stands on the white field, and black on black. Often beginners confuse where to put the king, and where – Fersi. For better memorization, they came up with such a phrase.

Ferge loves his color or king, in chess – what does this mean?

Ferge loves his color, such rules and why I don’t know. Black put on a black cage, white on white.

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