For what purpose does the state regulate educational activities?

If the state, or rather the authorities of this state, are interested in its preservation and further development, then they are simply obliged to regulate and in every possible way support the field of education. If real patriots are in power, then they are directly interested in the fact that the state citizens who go to the replacement of citizens are well and correctly formed, love their homeland from childhood and continued their work to strengthen and develop their country. Well, if the authorities are in power who do not care, what will happen to the country after them, because all their money and the family have been living in other countries for a long time, then they do not give a damn about education. Why spend money on quality education for some other people’s alien, when you can simply steal them?

In short, the normal state regulates educational activities with the aim of self -preservation and further development. Without good education, the state has no future.

Because a graduate of an educational institution (school or university) must at the end of the training take possession of some standardized minimum of knowledge for some compulsory set of subjects. Well, that is, if anyone has a tendency, let it take possession of something better than provided for by the standard, but to know other items at least in the volume of requirements of the standard – obliged.

Because this is natural security issue. Not even state, but ordinary, everyday. The world is complicated, human society farther and farther not only from the ‘wild nature’ (when to read, there was no need to read), but even from the traditional patriarchal society of one and a half century ago. Without any basic knowledge about this world, just not to survive in it.

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